Some days ago, I tweeted a question and got a very interesting response: @moverick Passport of course. BB10 is Elite, Security, Fast. The best. Android

BlackBerry 10 is elite, while Android is for commoners

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BlackBerry Passport 10-3-1

Some days ago, I tweeted a question and got a very interesting response:

That sounds similar to the line that Apple used to push the iPhone by pitching Android OS as a platform for poor people. So, here we are again and Android is taking the piss.

In my opinion, BlackBerry has always been elite – at least in pricing. There has never been a BlackBerry smartphone priced below N20,000. So, perhaps Alejandra has a point.

But what do I know? Over to you. Is BB10 really a platform for elites, and Android for commoners?

  1. mscheww… not the price but the usefulness. humans and there foolish reliance on price as a marker of genuineness or greatness

  2. Lol.Both Os are awesome.

    Samsung galaxy s6 & Edge Sells for not less than #160,000 yet millions of copies have been sold worldwide.

    You should ask why those people chose to buy a Top notch Android smartphone over an “Elite” BB 10 smartphone.

    It all boils down to choice!

  3. As WindowsFoneFans pointed out on Twitter, Windows phone is for Royalty. ????

  4. It is a statement of fact. Android is for all comers, cheap which you can get for as low as #6000. Google Play with various apps make Android tick.

  5. android is way better… if so bb10 wont need to create support for android apps… S6 is more expensive than the passport…

    I even prefer windows phone(minus d app problems) to bb10

  6. people seem not to understand that Android is different from other smartphone OSes. it’s so versatile that it actually extends beyond the smartphone and tablet space. Android covers a lot of form factors and niches. simply because Android is really a foothold for Google services, that’s why they give it away for free. it’s the OEMs that then decide what kind of hardware they want to put it on. so Android isn’t really a direct competitor to any particular smartphone OS, if anything they’re all competing with Android because Android spans all their niches

  7. True windows is for royality!!! Android is just too common… U see any n everybody using it

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