Blackberry App – 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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So you have a Blackberry. Chances are that you have never seen a copy of the Constitution of our country, Nigeria. Well, today is your lucky day. Someone smartly decided to develop an app to let you read the top document of the federation right on your Blackberry device.

bb app ng constitution

This is a noteworthy development. Studies show that people learn better when that learning process is integrated with their mobile experience. Some schools around the world are already leveraging on this – and getting good results. Kudos to the developer, Zubair Abubakar.

I don’t have a Blackberry, but I sure will be downloading a copy to my wife’s device and borrowing it a lot after that! At the last count, this app had recorded 4446 downloads. Go download your copy of the Constitution today.

By the way, who’s going to pull this off for Symbian and the other platforms?

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  1. That was a smart move by the dude. He’s been probably under the radar for a while. See him Leveraging on the power of Social media and proper timing.

    In a personal tweet to him, I dubbed him our own SteeveJobs, he’s Business Smart.

    Check MobilityNigeria archives to discover the power of Twitter.

  2. very very laudable. Waiting to see similar Development in iOS, Android, Bada and Symbian!

    Nigeria, We hail thee…!

    All HAIL Zubair Abubakar! A true Nigerian HERO!!

  3. Thanks guys, my only prayer is that Nigerians use the app and that it doesn’t become just another app on their phone.

    By the way the 2nd version coming out soon, shall have versions for major phone platforms, and lots of other interesting stuffs. watch out!

  4. Great, Well Done Zubair Abubakar

    For now, I dont have a BB, but i sure will spread the gospel.

    Now 12136 downloads.

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