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blackberry browserThe current BlackBerry browser may not be exactly a wonder, but that doesn’t mean that it has not got user-friendly features.

Here are some BlackBerry browser tips for you BB users out there. While browsing, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts for faster (or easier) web browsing:

  1. Bring up the Enter Web Address field from any Web page by pressing the G key.
  2. Insert a period in Web address by clicking the Space key.
  3. Insert a back slash in Web address by clicking either the Left Shift or Right Shift keys and then hitting Space.
  4. Add an item to bookmarks list by clicking the A key.
  5. Bring up your bookmark list by clicking the K key.
  6. Refresh a Web page by clicking the R key.

Tips courtesy of The Jared CompanySmartphone Specialists


  1. nice tips and this should keep people busy while we wait for BB OS6.0 with the webkit browser.

  2. I’m a hard BlackBerry user [9000/].

    Some additional tips:

    “J” to refresh current page with Javascript enabled.

    “L” while hovering over a link to bring up the contextual short menu re: link’s URL.

    “P” to bring up the contextual short menu re: page’s address.

    “H” to go to your preset Home-page.

    “R” to refresh your current page.

    “S” to switch to your Browser’s options.

    “F” or “V” to search for text within the current page.

    “T” or “X” To jump to the top of the current page.

    “B” to jump to the bottom of the current page.

    “Z” to zoom.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Thanks all for these tips.

    But can anyone tell me how to retain the number mode when typing many numbers without having to press tha “alt key” each time or holding it down continuously to enter numbers.

    This is a real problem for me when entering numbers especially when submitting a form or inputing credit card numbers etc>

  4. I got the info requested on my last post:

    To turn on the Num lock, alt+ left shift key.

    To turn on Cap lock, alt+right shift key.

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