BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 is now available

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BB 10-3-1 update prompt

BlackBerry® 10 OS version 10.3.1 has begun rolling out globally today for in-market BlackBerry 10 devices, including the BlackBerry® Passport, Z30, Z3, Z10, Q10, and Q5, as well as the Porsche Design P’9983 and P’9982 smartphones from BlackBerry®.

Passport and Porsche owners have had 10.3 on their devices, and are already enjoying most of the new features that older BB10 device owners will be getting in this update. OS 10.3.1 brings BlackBerry Blend, Amazon App Store, BlackBerry Hub with Instant Actions, better battery power management, new camera functions, BBM® Meetings, Blackberry Assistant, more Ways to Edit, Create, Sort and Listen to media, and much more.

The update size is about 1GB for devices still running OS 10.2 and about 500MB for devices already running OS 10.3.

I am already running the update on my Passport. Do check your phone for the update and be sure to tell us what you think of BB10.3.1 on your model.

  1. If you’re not getting it, just force-push it by going to Settings>Software Updates>Check for new Updates

  2. Got the update since yesterday on my z10. Haven’t been able to update though, till I come across a wifi.
    Not being able to update BlackBerry OS via mobile data is really a pain.

  3. As soon as I heard it was out, I went straight to settings and voila! Updated to 10.3.1

    Funny though, I feel my icons have shrunk. They used to be 4×3, now they’re 5×3 since the upgrade. While I like many of the new touches, this shrinkage doesn’t impress me!

  4. I think users on 10.2 will have it like 2.5GB, while users already running a version of 10.3 (offical or leak) will get it between 1GB and 1.4GB.

    I was running a leaked ver after which my update size was 1.4GB. I know users of 10.2 that had the update at about 2.5GB

  5. I have received the update of my z3 but I’m unable to upgrade due to wife I don’t have what do I do now to upgrade my software

  6. A friend of mine just downloaded the 995mb for his Q10 and after installing that the phone asked him to download another 1.5gb is this normal to all Q10 user?

  7. It depends on the version of the OS he/she had in the first instance. Some people have done a one time 2 GB update

  8. My Q10 is not supporting 10.3….. An engineer upgraded my Q10 to 10.3,bt I lost all my application ones I switch off my phone. i’ll have 2 re download the whole application e.g whatsapp,bbm,etc. What shld I do,bcos my neighbor is really enjoyin his own Q10 10.3.

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