BlackBerry will release two Android phones this year – Report

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We already know that BlackBerry’s agenda for 2016 is to go Android all the way. The interim CEO, John Chen has stated this fact time and time again. So we were expecting to hear rumors or leaks of the next BlackBerry Android phone to come this year.

According to BlackBerry Czech, there would be two phones, one full touch screen (Hamburg) and another one with physical qwerty buttons (Rome).

The BlackBerry “Hamburg” sits in the mid-range tier and packs an important surprise: the handset will lack the iconic BlackBerry keyboard, using only a touchscreen for input. The Hamburg should arrive no later than the autumn of 2016.

The BlackBerry “Rome” is a bit different, as BBCzech notes that the device will position itself in the premium category. Rumors point out that it will follow in the steps of the BlackBerry Priv, which means that it will sport both a physical keyboard and a touchscreen.

During an interview in India, BlackBerry CEO also confirmed that sub $400 BlackBerry (Android) phones would be released this year. He also noted that the BlackBerry Priv was too expensive especially for enterprises. This was one of the reasons why it didn’t meet sales projections.

He also added that BlackBerry has picked out 10 countries including India, where their products would be marketed. You can read the full interview HERE.


  1. Let’s see if they mis-price them. It will evolve into another “quarter of shame” if they don’t get this right.

  2. I doubt it. Telegram beat WhatsApp to secure messaging, so I can’t see how the new move will be about WhatsApp vs BBM.

    If anything, the poor sales of the Priv is spurring them on to get the promised devices out to see if they’re still relevant in the market….or if they should call it a day.

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