Blockbuster Movie: Barack, the Blonde and Michelle

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Obama at Mandelas funeral

Three pictures speak more than ten million words. Yes; we know that the blonde is the Danish Prime Minister and all. But the movie is not fun if we assume that it was just regular banter between colleagues; no?

She watches them “flirt”, then with clenched jaws, she quietly rolls up her sleeve… It looks like he got the message though, because suddenly he is leaning forward and away… But, oh, there still will be hell to pay tonight. This is an epic drama and a box office hit.

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  1. In the first pic she’s like – Eeerskyuz Mi what’s going on here? Pic 2- She rolls her sleeves and oga understood the body language sharp sharp. Pic 3- she does the needful, swaps seat and is almost giving the blonde her back 🙂 Well done Michelle jare You are not a learner. Ma je ki blonde lo k’oba e . If oga gets carried away like a 4yr old, help him. Hehehehe 🙂 But these photo Journalist Sha, are you sure these pictures were not shuffled? Jes asking 🙂

  2. This Michelle woman is harsh oh. LOL. To the point of swapping seats!. Gosh, the fear of any Monica Lewenski-tistic woman is real. You cant blame her sha, that’s a pretty blonde.

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