BOLT Mobile Browser Surpasses 1 Billion Web Pages Rendered

Bitstream Inc. announced today its BOLT™ browser has rendered its 1 billionth Web page, surpassing this major usage milestone over the weekend before the company made the second generation of its mobile browser, Bolt 2.1, available to the public. Launched in February 2009, the BOLT mobile browser is the most advanced and fully featured mobile browser available for phones of all types. Bolt has enjoyed consistent growth as people around the world flock to the acclaimed browser’s video streaming, tight integration with social networking, tabbed browsing and a host of other features that deliver PC-style browsing to mobile phones of all types.


“In July of last year Bitstream announced that BOLT climbed past 100 million Web pages rendered,” said Anna Magliocco-Chagnon, CEO of Bitstream. “The first 100 million pages are always the hardest. At our current rate of usage, BOLT servers are rendering 100 million Web pages every two weeks, and that rate is accelerating. BOLT is now drawing new users faster than 1 million every month, another rate that is also accelerating. It’s extremely gratifying that after all our hard work and our dialogue with our users, we’ve built a mobile application that is highly reviewed, award-winning and popular around the world.”

BOLT, now used by more than 7.3 million people in over 200 countries, has also streamed more than 570 million minutes of video – equivalent to more than 1,000 years when played back to back. With its recent addition of HTML5 video support and the broadest range of Flash video support for mobile phones of all types, BOLT users are now streaming the equivalent of 15 years worth of video every single day. So far in 2010, BOLT has transferred 290 Terabytes of data, roughly equivalent to the amount of data that can be stored on 3.7 million CDs.

BOLT is a free download for people using J2ME mobile phones – approximately 75 percent of the world’s estimated 4 billion mobile phones – and BlackBerry smartphones. The most fully featured mobile browser, BOLT includes many features not available in competing mobile browsers:

  • Perfect rendering of Web pages on any class of phone, scoring 100 percent on the Web Standard’s project Acid3 test
  • WebKit based cloud-computing architecture, ensuring rendering accuracy, speed and support for the latest Web standards and innovations
  • The broadest streaming video support of any mobile browser for mobile phones of all types
  • Super fast download speeds
  • Copy and pasting text
  • Built-in integration with Twitter and Facebook
  • Password manager
  • Download/Upload manager
  • Ability to run Web-based applications written in Ajax, Javascript and other Web programming languages, ranging from Google docs to Mafia Wars
  • The inclusion of widgets – standalone mobile applications that are run directly from the browser – such as a weather app, calendar app, calculator, Twitter client and others. These widgets let people using any phone take part in the mobile apps revolution
  • Best of breed over-the-air data compression, resulting in faster load times and decreased data usage
  • Ability to update the BOLT client remotely, over-the-air
  • Patented split screen viewing to make surfing complicated Web pages simple, and viewing content on the smallest of screens easy

Recognizing that some mobile phones currently in use cannot support the full size applications and some network providers limit the size of application downloads, Bitstream also offers a light version of the BOLT mobile browser, BOLT Lite™. BOLT Lite contains all the essential features of the BOLT mobile browser, retaining BOLT’s feature-rich functionality, best-of-breed download speeds and desktop PC-style page layout in a smaller package optimized for entry-level devices.

Bitstream has made BOLT extremely easy to use with keypad shortcuts to quickly navigate pages and scale up and down through the browser’s six levels of magnification. Comprehensive instructions on how to use all of BOLT’s many features can be found at

BOLT 2.1 and BOLT Lite are available for free at Consumers who have downloaded previous versions of BOLT will be prompted through the application to upgrade the browser.

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