Broken Rank: Is Infinix going premium too?

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Infinix Mobility have been known for smartphones targeting the budget end of the market. More specifically, Infinix’s “Hot” range has always been targeted at the lowest end of that budget segment. They have been the most affordable smartphones from the manufacturer. But the Infinix Hot S has broken rank. There are two variants. With the more affordable variant costing N45,500, the Infinix Hot S is anything but a budget smartphone. The question that immediately comes to mind is, One has to ask: Is Infinix going premium?

Infinix Hot S - Infinix Mobility have been known for smartphones targeting the budget end of the market.But the Infinix Hot S has broken rank. Is Infinix going premium?

Is Infinix going premium?

The first time I read up that the Hot S would have a metal body, I knew something was amiss. Then I read of the fingerprint scanner, 3GB RAM variant and the camera, and I began to suspect that the device would not be in the budget class. My suspicions have been proven right.

Is this the first step in a move by Infinix to let go of the toga of a budget brand? If Infinix is going premium, then we can expect an increase in specs and cost across their whole range. The next Infinix Note would cost more (the Note 3 doesn’t look budget). And the next Zero device would cost more too.

It is also possible that the Hot S is an experiment – something to test the waters. Or perhaps it is a new category by itself, after all it isn’t listed under the “Hot” category on the Infinix Mobility website.

Whatever it is, we shall see how it plays out. Infinix’s sister company, TECNO, began a move for the more premium segment of the smartphone market last year with the release of the Phantom 5. Infinix seems to be doing the same thing. iTel, another member of the Transsion family, is still very much targeting the bottom of the pyramid.

No doubt, the Infinix Hot S has broken rank. This hottie is so hot that previous Hot fans can’t touch it. If you can shell out the N45,500 though, the Infinix Hot S X521 looks like good value for money.


  1. The same thought crossed my mind when i first saw the images ,specs & now price,at a time i wasn’t bothered because i reasoned it may come under a new Hot S category and not the pocket friendly HOT series.

    My curiosity was later satisfied when i saw it listed under anew HOT S series,so we hope they continue to maintain the old hot series

  2. I can “shell out” more than that BUT for the 3gb RAM/32gb ROM variant…

  3. Truth is on value for money, brand name and second hand value, one should rather add a few more bucks and buy an established brand at this rate. These Infinix, Tecno etc will end up pricing themselves out of the market.

  4. “Established” brand? My brother, Infinix & Tecno ARE already established in these parts! And how much would you need to add to get a device from the “established brands” you’re making reference to with a similar specs sheets as these two offers? These devices also have a better second hand value if used well.

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