It’s heavy! That was my first impression of the Nokia E71 Symbian smartphone. It’s not like you are going to grow muscles using the E71,

Budget QWERTY Messengers Slug-out – My GreyBerry versus Nokia E71

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It’s heavy!

That was my first impression of the Nokia E71 Symbian smartphone. It’s not like you are going to grow muscles using the E71, was someone’s reply to me when I voiced the above sentiment. Still, you guys need to believe me when I say that I am not only growing muscles, but in addition, those muscles are being toned.

Yes; the Nokia E71 is relatively old by today’s smartphone standards, but you will be amazed how many units of this device are still in circulation and are still being sold on the market till date. Part of the reason for that is cost. How else does the average person on the street get top smartphone features at affordable cost? Get the point?

So, while you bleeding edge, geeky ones are probably thinking, “Nokia E71? Since when”, the E71 is still very much on contention, especially because of the drop in price over time.

It has been only a few days of handling the E71, and I am finding myself making comparisons between it and the LG-GW305. Of course, they are not evenly matched. The E71 is a mini-computer and costs over twice as much as the GW305 which is a basic feature phone with a QWERTY keyboard. But the bottomline is that they are both targeted at the messaging segment of the market.

gw305 e71

The GW305 over the E71
The LG is lighter in weight, the buttons are a bit bigger and have many characters that are lacking on the E71’s keyboard.

The GW305 has a 3.5mm jack while the E71 has a 2.5mm audio jack, so if you are particular about music i.e. using the best available headphones/earpieces, stay away from the E71. The GW305 can be charged via a USB port, something that cannot be done on the E71 old horse.

The GW305 also reads contacts immediately from a SIM placed in it and has photo editing options of sepia, negative, emboss, sketch, etc.

In messaging, the GW305 has threaded SMS view, which the E71 lacks.

The LG GW305 also takes a shorter period of time to get fully charged, compared to the Nokia, which takes longer and seems to run down at the same pace as the LG, if not even faster.

The E71 over the GW305
And here are areas in which the E71 simply blows the GW305 out of the water – The Symbian smartphone spots 3G and WLAN.

The E71 is smaller in size, has document editor and a dictionary built-in.
It also has an infrared port (lacking on the GW305), and the phone can be used as a modem.

The E71 has a 3.2MP camera, which tops the 2.0MP snapper on the GW305. The E71 is multitasking device i.e. it can perform different tasks at the same time, a function that is beyond the GW305.

Lastly, third party apps beyond java can be installed and run on the E71.

So, which seems better?
If you are on a limited budget and out shopping for a QWERTY messenger. If you are not on a limited budget, you shouldn’t be considering the E71 at this time.

Well, of course, you alone can be the judge of what meets your needs. Mull over the available info, your requirements and your financial muscles, then decide which of these two preys is worth devouring.


  1. Nice post. There is a typo on the first paragraph. “Still you guys nee …”
    instead of “need”.
    Keep up the good work @mobilitynigeria crew

  2. I’m a bleeding edge, geeky one. So “Nokia E71? Since when?” LOL

    I’ve searched for this LG GW305 but it’s not there. Don’t you mean the LG GW 300?

  3. Yes, better put, the 305 is a successor of the 300.

    But i am not mistaking wen i say 305, because 305 it is. I dont know why it is not listed on

  4. There is also a lg phone with dual sim, Email alart, twitter and facebook app.
    I’m yet to see it live, but the adverts is on tv. I’m not too sure of the model no. 310 or 315.

  5. @Kay123, The LG Phone you’re referring to is the new LG C310, it packs most of the Nokia C3’s features and then some, goes for between 18-20k.

    Slug-out between the E71 and the GW305? Hardly. Both phones are messengers yeah, but they’re certainly not in the same weight class. The Messenger of Steel stares imperiously down at the puny GW305 from the peaks of mount olympus, and if it feels the need to join issues, it’ll probably just send the C3 instead. Making a choice between the two comes down to one question – do you want a smartphone, or a dumbphone?

  6. “… and the phone can be used as a modem.”
    Same goes for the LG. I used the lg GW300 last year and it is a capable small phone. It can be used as a modem tethering with PC using the LG Suite.

    But let’s face it, it is not in the leagues of Nokia E71.

  7. @ Yomi
    you are really enjoying o! can see you are now using the htc desire, so back to android i guess, lol.
    wouldnt mind you giving us a mini review on it. what android version is it running and how does it compare to the xperia mini pro you revied a while back?

  8. bily,

    It’s actually the Desire HD. Will have to take a look at the site’s User agent detection script.

    I’ll share some personal thoughts in the forums as soon as I can find some free time.

  9. Nice comparison
    The LG-GW305 does the basic things and I like the qwerty layout and sms view, But for me I cant leave without Multitasking.

    It will be great to know your personal thoughts about the Desire HD, am so interested in Data Management of Androids.

    The first E Series that trilled me was the E61i and I think the next will be the Nokia E7…. cant wait for it to get to Nigeria.

  10. bosun99uk,

    As you may know, I’m a hardware QWERTY guy. Definitely replacing the HTC Desire HD with the E7 when the latter hits our shores.

    Look out for my upcoming Desire HD thread in the forums. Anyone wants to get the Desire HD off me, let me know upfront. You’ll be getting a good-as-new device at a good discount.

  11. Since I started using Twitter regularly some weeks back, I’ve been a litle bit stumped. Typing on a Touchscreen phone [N8 or Samsung Wave] frustrates me a lot, because I’m usually strict with grammar and spelling.

    I’m now on the hunt for a QWERTY phone. I was thinking of getting a fairly-used BB Bold 2 [ranging 40-50k] & upgrading it to BB OS6, but I’m seeing other options. The LG C310 and the Samsung Ch@t 322. Both Dual SIM, but dumb-phones. [See the comparism at

    What would you guys recommend?

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