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sms marketSMS they say is the king of Instant Messaging. Because of of its constant availability and universal ubiquity on all mobiles without need for internet. The SMS Market taps into this to bring you a secure sms-based trading platform for buying and selling of your gadgets. All forms of communication here is done via SMS, whether you want to buy or sell. All it takes is for you to send the SMS to their official number, you will be contacted for further details on how the deal will be made successful.

Why should you do business with SMS Market:

1.)The buyers and sellers don’t have to meet or know each other, so you are assured of a safe transaction without fear of 419 or fraudsters.

2.)TSM buys from people who want to sell and sells to people who need the items.

2.) All communication is via SMS.

3.) Second hand gadgets are bought and sold by TSM unless or otherwise stated by you-the  customer.

4.) There are no extra costs or additional costs. Hence, you don’t have to pay extra for delivery, TSM covers that.


If you wanna sell an item on TSM, send sms with this the format:

Item, your price, your location to 08060949733

e.g. “Nokia Xl, 15k, Abuja”  to 08060949733


To buy an item on TSM, send sms in the format:

I want item, your price, your location

e.g. “I want Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 70k, Lagos” to 08060949733


All SMS will be sent to official number  08060949733 Only.

Please, do not call TSM. Texts only.

TSM is a fresh and innovative way of buying and selling items, secure and stress free. For further information, check out their webpage.


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