Once upon a time, buying a car in Nigeria used to be like shopping for anything else. you had to get up and go around

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Once upon a time, buying a car in Nigeria used to be like shopping for anything else. you had to get up and go around car sales shops around the city. I remember going from one car shop to another, walking around for hours in the sun checking car after car. Sometimes, the process of sifting through the various available options went on for days – even weeks – especially if you were on a budget. However, with the advent of internet businesses has come a shift in how we do our shopping. This is valid for shopping for cars too. Here and there, a handful of brands are taking advantage of current technology to make shopping for your next car easier.

One such auto portal is Carmido.com.ng, a recently-launched online marketplace for new and used cars. Carmido is a subsidiary of Rocket Internet, a startup incubator that has already launched some successful businesses in Nigeria (Jumia, HelloFood, Vamido) and works with some of the best local car dealers in Nigeria.

Carmido’s interface is easy and user-friendly. Imagine sitting at your desk to visit an online auto portal. You can immediately search based on price, location, or brand. In a few minutes, you have eliminated the vehicles that you are not interested in. Yes; you would still have to inspect the vehicles, especially if you are hunting for a used item. But having access to that online portal has saved you time, money and stress. If you are shopping for a new item, your entire transaction can be completed without you leaving your desk and your new car delivered to your home.


  1. Yup: tech is sure affecting every facet of our life and impacting commerce phenomenally.

    Online shopping’s main Achilles Heels is wholesale adoption by the majority of people.

    Unless you are trusted to keep your end of a bargain, a prospective customer would be cautious in parting with money on the basis of products / services that have not been physically seen or enjoyed.

    Network glitches are also prime factors.

    That distrust is gradually waning, though…

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