Fix: Cache not enough, please insert external SD card to download

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If you are reading this, it is likely because there is a software update available for your Infinix Note 3 smartphone. You have attempted to run the update and got a pop-up with the following error message: “Cache not enough, please insert external SD card to download“. We have the fix for you.

The Fix for Cache not enough, please insert external SD card to download

  1. First, you need a microSD card. A 2 GB capacity card will do just fine.
  2. Next, when you insert a memory card into the Note 3, you are presented with the option to use it as internal memory or portable storage. Select portable storage.
  3. Now, go run the software update again and it should download without popping up that error message any more.

If you got this error message on a smartphone other than the Infinix Note 3, the solution prescribed above should work too. Do give it a try.

Don’t forget to keep your phone well charged before running any software update. Also, be sure to back your files up to avoid losing any of them just in case something goes wrong during the update process.


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  1. Actually! Especially if you use 2 sim cards. You’ll need to remove 1 to insert the SD card. Well, can the SD card be removed after update?

  2. hi
    This is Kashif
    i have infinix note2 lte Mobile some error in my mobile any buddy help me please
    i have formatted my mobile now there is no data in the mobile but there is still plenty of space
    error pop on screen when i update the mobile software
    Cashe not enough, please insert external SD card to download!
    my phone detail
    phone storage
    Total Space: 16 GB
    Available: 7 GB
    Total Memory: 2GB
    Available: 702 Mb
    i already insert external SD card 2 GB but error still here

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