Camera shootout: Samsung Galaxy Note VS PlirisBlaze +

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I was in Abuja recently and i stayed with Ifeanyi popularly known as SpacyZuma. I had a chance to play with the PlirisBlaze+ (you can check Mr Mo’s review of the PlirisBlaze+), in my short time with it i snapped some photos with it that i shall use to compare with my own device; a Samsung Galaxy Note. Here are the pictures below.

Note that this images are in their pure unedited form only resized to reduce the file size.

Taken With the PlirisBlaze+
Taken with the Samsung Galaxy Note

Second picture

Taken with the PlirisBlaze+
Taken with the Samsung Galaxy Note

Third picture

Taken with the PlirisBlaze+
Taken with the Samsung Galaxy Note

All three photos were taken indoors with the images from the Blaze+ looking a little whiter compared to those taken with the Galaxy Note. You can read the review of the PlirisBlaze+ by Mister Mo and the Samsung Galaxy Note review by me.


  1. There are a number of factors at work here, including a change of angle. Sometimes, no matter how slight, it can affect the way a picture comes out. Most of the pictures reflect that, the first being the more obvious. I would hazard a guess that the components making up the Blaze+ differ to that on the Galaxy Note.

  2. I found the plirius pictures a tad brighter than that of the note. I would suggest you do a landscape shoot out, something with more colours

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