Can Android Save Nokia?

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Nokia N9 running Android Jellybean

Recently, Nokia posted a $1 Billion dollar operating loss and this is something that does not come as a surprise if you take Nokia’s recent decline into consideration. A while back, I wrote an article titled Had Nokia Chosen Android. I was trying to imagine if Nokia had chosen Android instead of Windows phone and how it would have been received by the public.

Although they sold 4 million devices despite the loss, that still does not qualify as a win for a company that is gradually becoming a shadow of it’s former self and glory. A company who dominated both the feature phone and smartphone industry for 10 years.

I am not sure that the decision to stick with Windows Phone is bad. However, the problem is that Windows phone is a platform that is still growing. With the recent announcement of Windows Phone 8, current Nokia Lumia devices (along with current devices from other manufacturers) are going to be left out in the cold. That will have an impact on sales of those devices in the market, in my opinion. After-all who would want to buy a device that will be left out of the latest updates in a few months’ time?

If Nokia makes an Android device today, can it perhaps put them on their way to a dramatic comeback?

  1. So many people are still in love with Nokia. If Nokia should make an android phone today. Many will buy. Imagine an android 4.1 device with a pureview and a nokia N9 design and nokia maps, priced at 500$

  2. Its a moot point. Remember, Microsoft had to financially invest in Nokia including debts. Would Google have done the same to keep Nokia on side?

  3. Its a moot point. Remember, Microsoft had to financially invest in Nokia including debts. Would Google have done the same to keep Nokia on side?

    Very true. I doubt if Google would have invested half as much as Microsoft did.

  4. I like the fact that Nokia went with Microsoft instead of Google. More choices for us. That is why Microsoft is investing so much in changing the functionality of the windows phone. We are all seeing the results in its transformation today. Windows phone is the OS for the future. It was rebuilt from ground up taking into consideration all the advantages and disadvantages from its competitors. Though still undergoing the transformation stages, it’s looking very promising.

    If Nokia had gone with android, let’s even say Google gave them same lifeline as Microsoft did, I don’t think Microsoft would have given windows phone the much push they have. That will only leave use the users with fewer top notch OS to choose from.

    I see Nokia bouncing back by 2013. Even Samsung is preparing for two high spec windows phone8 devices later this year.

  5. Nokia with Android is not likely to work. Nokia’s major aim is to crack the North American market. This is good but they should not ignore the emerging markets in the process whose purchasing power has been growing despite the different mobile landscape (pay full value of devices, no carrier subsidies) They should still continue with their Nokia OS devices and WP devices. Even Microsoft has opened up their marketplace to a total of 160 countries now.

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