Talk about questions of conscience. Captain Awesome wants to know if stealing apps can get you sent to the pits hell.

Can You Go To Hell For Stealing Apps?

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Recently, there I was trying to look for ways to, ermm, get a game illegally from some sources online and then I got thinking. If I “get” this app illegally do I risk not making heaven? Will I be found guilty when God judges me? Then I really thought about it. Anytime I steal anything online, be it movies or applications or games or what have you, I am still committing the act of stealing.


Some people do not even feel any stain of guilt on their conscience when they steal stuff online. It is as routine as, say, logging in to Facebook. If you are not Christian or you do not share in my view of being judged one day, hopefully, you can relate to the fact that it is still stealing – a bad social vice. All the content that we get from illegal sources or torrents are infringing on several copyrights and at the same time cheating the people who dedicated their time, energy and resources into it.

Here’s my temporary resolution: I will buy the apps that I have the financial capacity for and still ermm, “get” those that I don’t have cash for (I’ll ask for forgiveness). [In other words, Emma, you want to risk going to hell, abi? Issoright! – Editor-In-Chief]

Back to you now. Do you download things online illegally and if you do, do you feel any guilt or remorse? Speak to me in the comments section below.

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  1. I used to download hundreds of phone apps, pc softwares, mp3s years ago. Then God saved me and convicted me of that. Consequently I deleted the illegal stuff and stopped using them. It wasn’t easy tho.

    However, just like you said, it’s stealing. Some may try to justify themselves and say things like “these developers, musicians, movie stars are very rich”. But it still doesn’t make it right. Stealing is stealing.

    Stealing online is like breaking into a store, collect some CDs, download them into your laptop, then return them. You might now have the physical CD but you stole the content which is more valuable than a physical CD. This may not be the best analogy but you get my point.

    In addition, I’d also like to say a thing or two about pirated CDs. I’m really struggling with buying pirated CDs nowadays because it seems like we’re supporting those who do pirate them. Do unto others.. Let’s think about it: Would I like to see people selling hundreds of my apps or music albums which I spend money, energy and time on, yet not even 1% of the profit comes back to me?

    This is all I have to say for now. I know my post is not long enough. I’ll do better next time lol.

  2. If we can go to hell for that, hell must be suffering serious overpopulation.

    we of course have to agree that Hell is not already located right here in Nigeria!

    the Seventh Commandment says…hmmm

    and, whoever has never committed one form of this, or the other, let the person cast his smartphone off the Third Mainland bridge…

  3. Maybe the mods can join this post with the first one I posted.

    To answer your question, YES, you can go to hell for stealing apps. YES, you should go to hell for stealing apps. Will you go to hell for stealing apps? I don’t know. It depends on your relationship with God. Depends on if you have a right standing with Him through the Son or not.

  4. Stealing is stealing no matter what ia involved. I try to only use ad supported apps. and I admit I also download the rare pirated apps but I try to avoid it.

  5. What Chuks and Martin said. Stealing is stealing, no matter how you dress it up.

    Most of the time I bet the stealing is borne out of a want rather than a need.

  6. Now, this is a thorny issue. I download pirated apps almost on a daily basis.
    Even if I can afford to pay for some apps, I decide to download cracked versions.
    Same goes for a lotta peeps.
    Recently, I downloaded an app from a store without enough money in my acct n when they tried to deduct their money, my credit card bounced and was blacklisted. I also thought about it and asked myself if I had stolen.
    Maybe I shld switch over to Linux n use only paid apps on my devices. How much is the full version of MS office? Can I afford it?

  7. Lol. I do my best to avoid piracy with regards to softwares these days by. Hanging in there and waiting for their discount promos and what have you.

    But with regards to music, the piracy leaves full on ’cause some albums are just filled with rubbish songs that would make me go crazy at the thought of having spent $10 on them

    That said stealing na stealing sha and if one has to be 100% free of sin to make Heaven then 99% of the world’s population is finished! Lol

  8. @deoladoctor, when Open Office and Libra Office are available for free, why pay N1,500 for a copy of MS Office 2010 in Computer Village?

  9. @deoladoctor, when Open Office and Libra Office are available for free, why pay N1,500 for a copy of MS Office 2010 in Computer

    That is side_stepping the question!

    Substitute Ms Office up there with any software that does not have a free alternative, then tackle the question again!

  10. My candid view here is, it is wrong to steal, but almost everybody would go to Hell based on this, if this is an offence worthy of HELL..

    Obviously, there are moral, legal, ethical and religious angles to this.

    I will leave out the religious, because it is a personal thing

    While it is indisputably legally, morally and ethically wrong, we are all (almost) guilty.

    Are 90% of the Chinese population going to Hell? China is the home of piracy and copycatism!

    Can billions of wrongs make a right?

    And who determines what is wrong and what is right.?

    I guess our thinking and conscience would determine that!

  11. Honestly never thought twice in d past when I clicked on the download button. I’m often ecstatic that I found the content sef. This article would now weigh heavy on my heart as I cant claim ignorance.

    But neigh, its Zsch’s birthday today. I shall make merry and worry on the morrow. Party on Mars y’all.

    P.S Love y’all @ Mobility… online adopted super nerdy family; Spacyzuma, Mr Mo, Noni, Martinkem, Dr Udegbunam, Eyebeekay, Noni, Emmanuel, Deoladoctor et al.

    PPS: @ chuck Ezeibe. Don’t even pursue that train of thought in your second comment.

  12. I am less guilty of it these days. If in want anything now, I rather just buy from the owner. Saves one of lots of stress with licencing issues or compatibility during usage.

  13. @EyeBeeKay it’s not side stepping the question at all. If you can be bothered to shell out N1,500 for what you know is not an authentic copy of MS Office, you know very well what you’re doing.

    I have never bought MS Office and been using Open Office for years. So if people want to find the alternatives they can. Buying cheap or illegal is simply, in my opinion, a shortcut. If you’re willing to take the risk, you should also be prepared for the consequences.

    Why should I buy an illegal copy of software when I can get a free alternative that does the same equally well? In that context you tell me; is that a want or a need?

  14. ///
    I have never bought MS Office and been using Open Office for years. So if people want to find the alternatives they can.

    Well what about situations where there are no alternatives? ,And don’t tell me there aren’t.

    there may even be alternatives, but you are not aware.

    Not justifying or extenuating anything. we are just analyzing.

    You may be willing, but unable to pay. (affordability. accessibility to payment)

    You may be unwilling but able to pay.

    A family friend just bought “My book of bible stories” for one of my kids.

    Automatically, not believing in buying books any more (due to the abundance of free books on the net), I searched for it.

    As I expected, it is available for download, with even a version including audio.

    Now, maybe somebody would start trying to ascertain if it is an illegal copy. that is that person`s. prerogative,

    I know I wouldn’t.

    I know the world is full of too many inequalities, injustices and so on, to bother my head with such trivialities..

    There are martyrs who would like to move against a moving train. a waste of time, and pure foolishness.

    I am no matyr!

    It is easy to get all sanctimonious and sound holier than the Jones.

    But if even a tiny population of the world populace walk their talk, the world would be a much better place.

    I am old enough to know it does not work that way .

    I would take realism over hypocrisy. Any day!

    But then, that is just me!

  15. On Android There Almost An App For Everything so Its Kind of Hard But Some Apps are worth It Oh I Know Stealing Ain’t Gud and All But In a Country Like Ours Where You Buy an App of $5.00 Omo Guy Your Wallet Go Tell You But What Will We Do. Jah Help Us

  16. I’m guilty. Am I going to hell? You have to discuss with me whether I believe in any form of life/judgement after death.

    @ZSCH – Happy Birthday Anniversary. I’m honored to be called a member of your online adopted super nerdy (Geeky!!) family.

  17. While we are on this for those of us that still have some scruples, Libre Office and Open Office are very good alternative for Microsoft Office for Windows but if you only feel comfortable working with Microsoft Office for Windows but couldn’t pay for it for one reason or the other, visit Kingsoft Office.

    It is almost an exact clone of Microsoft Office 2007 in every possible way and also supports the format better than both Libre Office and Open Office. The only catch though is that the free version will not save files in the Office 2010 formats, i.e. .docx, .xlsx, .pptx etc, though it opens those formats without issues. It is also a whole lot smaller in size than either Microsoft Office or Libre and Open Office

  18. @EyeBeeKay we are talking specifically about MS Office, not some other software with no alternatives, I prefer to stick to the point.

    I’m not going to get into the gymnastics of the topic, it is simply a question deoladoctor asked, and I responded to him. I have no intention of “analyzing” this topic any more than has already been stated.

    @spacyzuma you’ve pretty much said what I was thinking. As there’s a theology (for want of a better word) for everything in Nigeria, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a “for” and “against” on such topics. Maybe we should find one of these church forums, post it there and see what happens!

    @ZSCH – happy birthday. Make merry but make sure you can find your way home afterwards 🙂

  19. In that case am already a candidate of he**** God fordbid bad thing! Ive stoled thousands of mp3 also, downloaded free games, apps. If there’s condemnation for such things it means am already condemned. May the good Lord have mercy on us all!

  20. @Noni, please don’t even think of posting this kind of topic on any of those church/religious sites. That’s a sure way of looking for trouble. Some people will burst arteries just seeing how guys download 60Gb on a network that has only 200Mb as ceiling for a particular data plan (Datavampires). 😀

    You and eyebeekay have done justice to my question. Thanks. But I will not watch a good software pass me by because of the fear of a hell. Who knows, all geeks might be heading that way for all I know. 😉

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