Can You Go To Hell For Stealing Apps?

Recently, there I was trying to look for ways to, ermm, get a game illegally from some sources online and then I got thinking. If I “get” this app illegally do I risk not making heaven? Will I be found guilty when God judges me? Then I really thought about it. Anytime I steal anything online, be it movies or applications or games or what have you, I am still committing the act of stealing.


Some people do not even feel any stain of guilt on their conscience when they steal stuff online. It is as routine as, say, logging in to Facebook. If you are not Christian or you do not share in my view of being judged one day, hopefully, you can relate to the fact that it is still stealing – a bad social vice. All the content that we get from illegal sources or torrents are infringing on several copyrights and at the same time cheating the people who dedicated their time, energy and resources into it.

Here’s my temporary resolution: I will buy the apps that I have the financial capacity for and still ermm, “get” those that I don’t have cash for (I’ll ask for forgiveness). [In other words, Emma, you want to risk going to hell, abi? Issoright! – Editor-In-Chief]

Back to you now. Do you download things online illegally and if you do, do you feel any guilt or remorse? Speak to me in the comments section below.

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