This car system generates energy from bad roads

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A car system that converts bad roads into energy? That is exactly what Audi has come up with. Damn! Why didn’t someone think of that before. This is innovative technology. I can imagine it could become a thing in Nigeria, considering that we have hundreds of kilometres riddled with potholes all around the country.

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The principle behind eROT is easily explained: “Every pothole, every bump, every curve induces kinetic energy in the car. Today’s dampers absorb this energy, which is lost in the form of heat,” said Dr.-Ing. Stefan Knirsch, Board Member for Technical Development at AUDI AG. “With the new electromechanical damper system in the 48-volt electrical system, we put this energy to use. It also presents us and our customers with entirely new possibilities for adjusting the suspension.”

The eROT system…can convert the kinetic energy during compression and rebound into electricity. To do this, a lever arm absorbs the motion of the wheel carrier. The lever arm transmits this force via a series of gears to an electric motor, which converts it into electricity.

Made For Bad Roads

Lever arms in the active suspension system generate energy from up-and-down wheel movements when driving along stretches of bad roads. This energy is then stored for use in the car.

But that isn’t all, because the system is also intelligent, it uses the feedback from the suspension to adjust and adapt to the road conditions and the driver’s driving style. This makes the ride smoother and more comfortable. Think of a suspension system that responds to the potholes on the road to absorb shocks and jolts better.

Made For Electric Cars

The technology is for electric and hybrid cars though, and only a madman would think of selling such cars in Nigeria for now. Bummer. Or perhaps you wouldn’t mind charging up your electric car with a generator. After all, that’s how we roll.

How much electricity does this system generate? Not much on a good road, but on a pothole ridden stretch, up to 613 watts. Not a huge amount of power. But consider the possibilities as this system is improved on. Audi says that initial test results for the eROT technology have been promising.

Source: Audi Media Centre

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