Celebrating 51 Years of Nigeria

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It is October 1, 2011, the 51st independence anniversary of the home country of Mobility blog.

We have come a long way as a nation. We have our struggles. We have our frustrations – all too well documented. Let us keep hitting at those.

But we have our pride. Our hope. Our aspirations. Our dreams! Let us keep our eyes on these.

We have our country: Nigeria.

Here is wishing every Nigerian and every friend of our country a happy celebration. God bless Nigeria! God bless Nigeria’s flagship blog, Mobility blog!!

  1. As somebody said, ‘if your outlook on life @ 50 is same as when you were 20, then you have wasted 30 years of your life.

    Here is hoping Nigeria’s lost years will be regained doublespeed. Praying That Nigeria becomes not only a haven, but also heavenly -in the shortest period possible.

    Not celebrating mediocrity.

  2. Happy Independence day to all members of this great blog. We can only pray and hope our beloved country make a turn in the right direction.

  3. Nigeria is a land where mediocrity thrives and meritocracy isn’t encouraged. Let’s hope that things change. But it is so dificult to celebrate Nigeria with the baby strides it is still taking at the age of 51! Nigeria please grow up!

  4. Nigeria @ 51, very little to show as an independent nation; so many to show as a dependent nation. Happy 51st anniversary to our great nation with funny people!

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