Check out the HandL Butt Case, which looks like a butt

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There have been a lot of iPhone products and accessories, and one of the most popular iPhone accessory s the iPhone case. There are loads of options if you want an iPhone case, and if you want something unusual for your iPhone case, you can find it somewhere. Here’s the latest in the line of strange iPhone cases – the HandL Butt Case, which looks and feels like a human behind.

The standard Butt Case has a flat back and a patented elastic and brace system that allows you t hold your iPhone with just one or two fingers. The HandL Butt Case was created by New York artist Allen Hirsch a few years ago to help people get a better hold of their phones. The Butt Case is equipped with a silicone-infused set of twin buns covered in soft leather that have an added level of ergonomic value. Sure, it does feel weird to walk around holding a butt in your hand, but it also feels comfortable.HandL Butt Case

Now, in case you thought Mr. Hirsch was joking when he came up with this bizarre design, here’s a quote from the official press release for the product:

“Touching the buttocks has been one of the most pleasant tactile experiences I have known. It is ergonomic, soft and comfortable to rest one’s hand against. Juxtaposing the electronic screen and its ethereal digital world with the real world tactile goal of buttocks became my obsession.”

That sounds reasonable enough.

The HandL Butt Case is made from a particular mix of semi-liquid silicone, which is a material used in actual butt enhancement surgery. Not that the HandL Butt Case is the first of its kind, though, but this might just be the first truly high-end butt case. The device will be due to ship later in the year. Currently, the HandL Butt Case is available for preorder for $70 for the iPhone 6 Plus/7 Plus.


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