Church where the sheep really do eat grass

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Chalk this up under extreme weirdness, but Twitter has been agog with photographs and news of a church in South Africa where the pastor supposedly makes the members eat…yes, grass. Have a look at one of the photographs:

grass to grace

Is grass a means to grace? I know that a few hours ago, I was poking at Christians who argue for a blanket literal interpretation of the Bible, something which would make this scenario perfectly normal. After all, sheep really do eat grass. Or something like that.

The pastor also steps (tramples) on the sheep:

That’s a new one. I do not recall any Bible verse for that. Oh well…

Yes; the Lord is my Shepherd. Now, please someone confirm that this is a hoax and isn’t true.


  1. i do really hope that this is a hoax, but it turns out to be true i have no feelings of pity to the congregation or beef with the pastor. People who would do deserve whatever they get, good or bad

  2. It is amazing the kind of power some of these monstrous shepherds wield on the flock.

    The source of the power could be occultic , in which case the flock is truly under a hypnotic spell and are literally without their senses. They can be made to subjugate themselves and do literally ANYTHING, as directed by their lord and master.

    The problems that ‘religion’ creates, religionists themselves would not be able to handle.

    I don’t know who to pity more, here:: the slaves, or the SlaveMaster. Hmm.

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