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That’s right, folks. We have the Maemo 5-powered mobile computer, the Nokia N900, in our hands – and we are drooling all over it. Here are photos for you to enjoy before our Nokia N900 review is ready.

A picture, it is said, is worth a thousand words. Fortunately, we have more than one picture. So, feed your techno-lust on these while you wait for the detailed review/s.

Nokia N900 Review

Nokia N900 Review

Nokia N900 Review

Nokia N900 Review

Nokia N900 Review

Comparison shots with Samsung S8003 Jet and LG GW550:
Nokia N900 Review

Nokia N900 Review

Nokia N900 Review


  1. How much will it cost? Can u send the detail in my mail box. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Include the features.

  2. Oluniyi,

    I understand the prejudice. I got tired of Nokia some time ago too. But you need to believe me when I say that this is a Nokia that does not feel like a Nokia.

    Maemo really makes S60 look and feel bad. At least, that’s my first impression.

  3. Mobility Nigeria, you carry a huge burden. This review is important. Thousands of Nigerians are waiting for your verdict before taking a plunge…. You guys are in our prayers!

  4. Igoma,

    We sell and deliver the N900 (within Lagos) for N93,000. Delivery outside Lagos via courier attracts extra charges.

    Watch out for the rest of our review of the N900 for specifications.

  5. This is it, we need all the details from how you recieved it, how you will use it and how you’ll let it go.

  6. Did I hear someone say ninety three thousand naira only? For that kind of money, it had better deliver. I once spent that kind of money on S.E. P910 when it first came out. The phone rapidly fell short of expectation.

  7. deoladoctor,

    In 2008 I was torn between buying the Nokia E90 and the Samsung i900 Omnia. I decided to go for the cheaper of the two and spent about N70,000 on the Omnia.

    After it arrived at the office, I played with it for less than 5 minutes and knew without a doubt that it was the worst 70k I ever spent in my life. 5 minutes was all it took.

    I replaced it with a Nokia E90 that very same day – and I lived happily ever after (at least for as long as I had the E90). The E90 turned out to be a splendidly capable device that delivered nearly 100 % on all fronts.

  8. This is it, we need all the details… and how you’ll let it go.

    Who said anything about letting this one go? 😀

  9. @Yomi

    With you having similar experience, i am in good company. But the N900 being a nokia, I expect it to deliver. Nokia high end phones always live to expectations.

    This is a maemo OS phone in the leagues of androids etc. Am surprised at the price. Thought it was higher than that.

  10. With monster devices (as far as handheld devices go) like this popping up left/right/center, looks as if that line between a notebook/netbook has become even more tenuous. Imagine a ‘Dell’ jumping on the smartphone bandwagon!. There is news of ‘Dell Lightning’, a Windows Phone 7 device.

    When will Acer and other laptop makers ‘abandon ship’ & bring out their own smartphones?

  11. Acer produces smartphones but mainly Windows Mobile OS phones. I wonder if they will ever produce their very own OS.

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