A dude googled a phone he fancied, Gsmarena website popped up among the first search results. He clicked and opened it, skimmed through the phone

Common phone Acronyms and their meanings [Updated]

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A dude googled a phone he fancied, Gsmarena website popped up among the first search results. He clicked and opened it, skimmed through the phone specifications and was like, “Yeah!! Yeah!! Wow!! This phone is actually cool oh”.

This dude probably just skimmed through these specs, without knowing what acronyms like IPS, GPU etc, mean. Personally, I’ve been guilty of this offense for sometime now. So I decided to read it up and compile a list of the most common acronyms we come across while checking phone specifications, so feed your eyes and learn too:

GPRS: General Packet Radio Service

EDGE: Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution

EVDO: Evolution-Data Optimized or Enhanced Voice-Data Only

HSDPA: High Speed Downlink Packet Access

UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

USB: Universal Serial Bus

USB OTG: USB On-the-Go

WCDMA: Wideband Code Division Multiple Access

CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access

GPS: Global Positioning System

A-GPS: Assisted GPS

SNS(integration): Social Network Service (integration)

GPU: Graphics Processing Unit

NFC: Near Field Communication

PPI: Pixel per inch or Pixel Density

PTT: Push-To-Talk

IPS: In-plane Switching

HDR: High-Dynamic Range Imaging

TFT: Thin Film Translator

….and finally, there’s CMB: Call me Back!! hehehe 😆

From feedback, you guys reminded me of some acronyms I missed out on, so here they are:

LTE: Long Term Evolution

AMOLED: Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode

LCD: Liquid- Crystal-Display

Remember, the focus is on acronyms we commonly come across in phone specifications. Still remind me, in case I’ve still missed out anyone


  1. Please what are their meaning. Kindly use an illustration or an example to explain their meaning. This will help the lay people to better understand the terms.

  2. Good Compendium.

    I Am Cocksure One Out Of One Hundred People Would Probably Not Know Or Care About These Mumbo Jumbo.

    What Would I Care About The Meaning And Cause Of Osteoporosis It I Am Not In(terested) The Medical Line.

    What Would Kamoru My Mechanic Care About Edge Or Ppi?

  3. you didn’t cover LTE, DLNA, A2DP, fps, GLONASS, LCD (usually IPS LCD) AMOLED (for Samsung devices), IP ratings, or the whole gamut of screen resolutions (HD, qHD, FHD, QXGA, UHD, 4K etc). fact is a spec sheet for a smartphone is full of details most people don’t care about. people usually just want to check out a few details that they really care about usually the megapixel count or amount of ROM/RAM. only tech nerds care about the SoCs & GPUs

  4. I intended listing mostly the common acronyms we usually come across, so asides LTE, the rest na for geek consumption

  5. Bluetooth 4.0 LE + EDR
    LE= Low Energy
    EDR= Enhanced Data Rate

    Techie, give us the meaning of those ones now…

  6. I think Elroy has set himself up for a few more articles with this one – now explain these is detail ?

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