Continuum turns your Windows 10 phone to a PC, says Microsoft

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The just concluded Build event by Microsoft was a show case of breathtaking innovations, and most especially, the future of Windows. We learnt that the upcoming Windows phone will have support for iOS and Android apps. Also unveiled at the event is a new Windows 10 feature called Continuum for phones.


This feature transforms your phone into a desktop PC when connected to a big display. Here the phone adapts it’s interface to fit the screen, depending on what you’re using it for.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore sampled the feature with apps like Excel and Photos on desktop view with the Windows 10 smartphone hooked up to a monitor. It basically looked like a PC, though he admitted the project is still in its early stages, but it will mature when developers make their apps adapt to any screen. This is exactly the goal of Microsoft – a universal apps plan.

Think of a scenario where one app can run on across PCs, tablets, convertibles, smartphones, and Xbox, and a universal app store to hold them all. Interesting isn’t it? This is what Microsoft hopes to achieve and they’re giving developers required tools to help them achieve it. Is it just me or is someone else also salivating for a Windows 10 device?

Here’s a video demonstration of Continuum.

  1. This is the real personal mobile computer, Not everybody needs core i5 with 8GB of RAM most people just do light stuffs on there PC.

  2. still zzzzzz to me for now.. until they make real progress.. cos dey can cum n go n discontinue it, nor b Microsoft wey we sabi

  3. Like Ehis, I’m unimpressed. After what I’ve seen of Windows Phone…*shakes head*

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