How do I convert a 3G phone to 4G? You asked; we answered

4G, or 4th generation of cellular communications technology, provides faster internet speeds than 3G and 2G. This is the age of 4G mobile internet access, as more and more subscribers migrate from 3G to 4G. Every now and then, someone asks, “How do I convert a 3G phone to 4G?”

Technically, it is possible to convert a 3G phone to 4G. But you would have to be a highly skilled electronics engineer to pull it off. Let me explain.

Convert a 3G Phone to 4G Phone

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How to convert a 3G phone to 4G

To convert a 3G phone to 4G, you would need to change a number of key components in the device. These components include: the modem and the processor. You would need to replace the 3G modem in your phone with a 4G modem. Also, if the built-in processor does not support 4G, you would need to replace that with a 4G-compatible unit too.

Chances are that the phone’s software already support 4G, but you might also have to modify one or two things in that too. So, you pretty much have to dismantle your 3G phone and have these above modifications made in order to convert it to 4G.

Unfortunately, these parts that you need to replace are not sold in your local market, and the expertise required to make those changes are not exactly available in the average phone repair shop. Are you catching my drift? So, what do you do?

Just Replace Your 3G Phone With A 4G Phone

If you currently own a 3G phone and want a 4G phone, just purchase a 4G phone. Then sell or goft out your old 3G phone. While it is technically possible to convert your 3G phone to 4G, it is largely impracticable.

How To Choose A 4G Phone

Before choosing a 4G phone, be sure to confirm that it supports the LTE frequency band of the 4G mobile operator that you want to use it on.

There are dozens of 4G frequency bands in use around the world by various cellular carriers. If you buy a 4G phone that does not support the 4G frequency that your operator/carrier uses, your phone will not be able to connect to that 4G network. And that would be a waste.

So, check. And when in doubt, jump to MobilityArena Forum to ask your questions. I will be there to help with answers and there are other knowledgeable users who are glad to help out.



  1. Exactly it’s better to just buy,making technical attempt is a herculean task that won’t guarantee success. Nice exposition

  2. You said it all, Mister Mo, the only way to convert your 3G phone to 4G is to quit using your old 3G phone and purchase a 4G device, definitely no other better short cut.

  3. Somebody hinted me today that Airtel 4G is live in Lagos. On getting home this evening I did a manual search on my phone. Lo and behold….. Airtel 4G was there on the drop down of available networks. To be very sure I pegged the phone to 4G only. I was also told that free 4 gig data will be given to customers who upgrade their SIM cards to 4G.

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