Designers are definitely creative people, and they always strive for unique services, experiences, and products that can deliver a remarkable and high-quality experience. There are

Some amazingly cool gadgets designed for creative people

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Designers are definitely creative people, and they always strive for unique services, experiences, and products that can deliver a remarkable and high-quality experience. There are multiple tools available today in the market, but only the really cool gadgets end up on the desk of a designer.

There are scores of mobile apps that designers find useful. For example, Canva Android app is a great graphics tool. But then, this article focuses on gadgets, not mobile apps.

The Cool Gadgets

With vast research and studies, I have come across top-notch gadgets which can actually prove to be a perfect gift for web designers. Check out the gift items yourself and buy the right one for your loved ones.

Wrenz Birdies Speakers

The Wrenz speakers are delightfully crafted in the form of tiny birds. Collecting simply a bunch of them will make your place look quite swanky. The entertaining, high-quality sound playback makes it a perfect choice for gadget lovers. These portable and chirpy Wrenz speakers aredesigned to bring a new dimension in sound quality. The frequency varies from 180 Hz to 20khz, and the battery voltage is 3.7 V. With 300MaH battery power, you can use this rechargeable speaker efficiently.

Glow-in-dark gear bike

This fixie glow in dark bike comes with solar-activated paint finishing that enables it to glow for more than an hour in the dark, provided that it has been kept under the sun exposure during the daytime for few hours. This single speed bike comes with dish lapse of around 55mm and accompanied by easily removable radius front brake.

High-end components are used for designing this striking fixie bike, which includes zoom seat post, Neco stem, Neco headset, pure fix urban saddle, Kendra tubes and tires, KMC chain, Oury grips and pure fix platform paddles. This is built to last for several years, and high tensile steel frame is used. The flip-flop rear wheel hub enables changing from the single speed to the fixed gear.

3D Printed Food

3D food printers can be termed as deposition printers, which mean that they can deposit raw material layers in a unique process that is known as additive manufacturing. Binding printers are known for being the latest addition in the category of 3D printers that merge materials with the use of edible cement.

The present 3D food printer generation is quite complicated and makes use of combining nozzles, robotic arms, lasers, and powdery material to create sugar sculptures and pattern chocolate as well as latticed pastry. Click here to gather knowledge about how to get 3D services.

Overade foldable bike helmet

In the urban areas, commuters do not prefer to use helmets at times because it is really a hassle to carry them once the ride is over. In order to overcome this problem and make life easier, Overade comes up with the new model of foldable helmets.

The light-weight and unique folding mechanism make it easy to tuck into a bag. It’s a must to have for all commuters. It can provide a high level of comfort and safety, just like the regular helmets. The innovative sleek and smart design makes it a perfect choice for commuters who avoid wearing helmets while riding.

These helmets are designed as per the normal industry standards and available in all sizes – L, S, M, and XL. They come with extra fitting pads, which ensure comfort to the riders while wearing.

iBamboo Speaker

Merging the modern hi-tech Technology with nature’s beauty can produce just a fantastic output – is something beyond imagination. iBamboo is an eco-friendly speaker, which is designed using natural bamboo. A whole length of bamboo is used to manufacture this product.

As we all know that bamboo has its own natural resonance and it’s the same concept which is used here. The nature of bamboo simply amplifies the sound that is produced by the built-in speaker of the iPhone. At one time, the sound waves travel in both directions, intensifying the amazing stereo effect that is created by the iPhone.

3D Printed Shoes

As we all know that 3D has become a part of our daily life and starting from printing to food, you can get everything in the form of 3D looks. Now the shoe industry has also stepped into the world of 3D and started designing new pairs of interesting 3D printed shoes. You can easily get readymade 3D printed shoes online, and now custom-made shoes are also available.

Different 3D printed shoe models are offered by eminent shoe companies – starting from sneakers and slides for men to wages and high heels for women. In order to get 3D printed shoes for yourself, all you need to do is simply download the application to get the 3D scan of your feet. Then, you need to just select from the various models available.

First line literature mug

A web designer will find this gift item very interesting because it is decorated using a number of famous quotations. The beautiful design and literary inspiration will provide a dose of nourishment to a web designer. This ceramic mug can hold 16 ounces of liquid and also safe to be used in a microwave. A perfect gift for writers and book lovers as well.

Butler organizer

If you spent countless hours every day looking for wallets, lost keys, classes, and phones, here is a perfect solution just for you. This beautiful all-in-one organizer comes with a sleek design, which can easily accommodate the crucial things. It appears just like a modern wall clock. It also works as a charging point for your iPhone models, HTC One, Samsung S4, and S3. There is also no necessity of removing the phone cases before placing them in the stand as it can accommodate most of the models with cases.

If you are planning to gift something to a web designer, then I can say that you should choose one of the gift items I have stated above. Believe me, he will certainly feel glad and overwhelmed. The gifts I have shared above for you have been collected after conducting a lot of research work.

These gadgets can be the best friend of web designers who are always unique in their own way. You can read up on a list of more cool gadgets HERE. So, simply add some more colors to their life with these awesome gifts!

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Share with us if you know any other cool gadgets that can prove to be worthwhile for gifting a web designer. We would love to read your suggestions!

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