Cut your SMS expenses with GoldSMS

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goldSMS is a mobile messaging app which allows you send SINGLE and BULK text messages to any phone number in the world without having to use the airtime from your phone company. goldSMS is an application developed here in Nigeria that helps you send SMS for as low as N1 per message.

According to the developers, the application can be installed to replace your phone’s built-in SMS application. goldSMS uses the same data plan that you use for e-mail and browsing, and is available for Symbian, BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices.

App Name: goldSMS
Developers: Cybergold Integrated Solutions
Location: Benin


  1. Interesting. It is noteworthy that yoi can send free sms from your google accountto – to GLO and Starcomms numbers only. Maybe this will be extended to to ALL networks with time?
    I have always wondered why sms costs so much – the data sent is minimal. in terms of data volume, what is the difference between an sms and an email?

    Will give this a try asap!

  2. Is this not a duplication of whats app messaner.
    I’ll love to give it a try but the download link for symbian is not functioning on my phone.

  3. Is this not a duplication of whats app messanger?
    I’ll love to give it a try but the download link for symbian is not functioning on my phone.

  4. Seems really interesting. I will surely give it a try. But I do have one question. How do you pay for the services? Credit card? Bank? Is there a free trial period?

  5. GoldSMS is NOT available for iOS Devices. Shame. I tried searching in the APple App store. I also used the download link here to no avail. It appears I’d just download the Nokia Symbian version!

  6. <>

    AfewGoodman, the symbian link is NOT working.

    There is n’t enough info on the site about how this application works.

    It would be superior to Nimbuzz, whatsapp, fring e.t. c ONLY if it does not require both sender and receiver to install the application on their phone. Otherwise…..

    Awaiting further info….

  7. I hardly send sms these days……. Most of our networks provider offer free sms to their network which I dont use most of the time……….maybe ill need to send bulk sms one day… out.

  8. A big thank you to for this wonderful review of goldSMS Single and Bulk Sms app. Yes, the links for symbian and iPhones are down and getting a few tweaks and updates.The app is free to download and payments for sms units will be with credit cards,Alertpay,Bank deposits and RECHARGE VOUCHERS. We are currently accepting applications for dealers and a profitable distributor model as obtains in the GSM industry is available.
    This app does not require both sender and receiver to have the app running on their devices.
    Thanks for these reviews and send e mail to to get updates as we go along or follow us on twitter handle @goldsms. ENJOY
    P/S Free sms units are yours upon download and signup!

  9. I was able to give the Android version of the goldSMS a try and it worked well. So far, I have sent an SMS successfully and was even sent an update of the app via email. The guys behind this app are hard at work and I say kudos to them. I also say, long live naija.

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