Cyanogen OS may be on its way out too

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Cyanogen OS is an open-source operating system for smartphones based on the Android mobile platform. AndroidPolice reports that Cyanogen is laying off a fifth of its staff and may pivot from development of the OS to app development. If this happens, folks, Cyanogen OS may be on its way out.

Cyanogen OS may be on its way out

Apparently, Cyanogen’s ambitious goal of taking away Android OS from Google hasn’t worked out so well. OnePlus abandoned Cyanogen in 2014 when the company partnered with MicroMax. Last year, Cyanogen ditched Google apps in 2015, replacing them with Microsoft apps. That was after teaming up with American manufacturer, Blu.

Yes; it looks like Cyanogen OS may be on its way out.

This story is developing. We will bring you more information as we get our hands on details.

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  1. according to what i read, the cuts are to the team working on CyanogenMod, the free to use ROMs rather than Cyanogen OS but it’s too soon to say for sure

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