Video: A day with everyone at iROKOtv and SparkNG

BDS intro cover plus iroko workplace

During an adventurous journey to iROKO Partner’s office in Lagos, the Break Digit team met some exciting young and lovely individuals. I would not have thought there were so many people already working for the group. It is like a market place. From those who wish to sell their movies to persons walking down to ask for a job, the office is fully occupied. Customer Service Department and Content Department are the two biggest departments.

We interviewed the team leads of iROKOtv and Managing Director of SparkNG. If you can ignore the background Noise, you will really enjoy watching the iROKO team:



  1. Hi Quam. Thanks for your reply. You are right: our audio is not as good as expected, especially for this particular video.

    We are looking into our audio system and I assure you that subsequent editions will be better. Thanks for watching.

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