I currently use two smartphones on a daily basis: a TECNO Phantom A and a Nokia Lumia 920. I assure you that while they are

Divergence: Using two smartphones together

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I currently use two smartphones on a daily basis: a TECNO Phantom A and a Nokia Lumia 920. I assure you that while they are both capable smartphones, I find them better suited to different uses. That does not mean that they are not capable of doing the same things. It is just that either one has an edge over the other in different ways, and combining them in daily use lets me enjoy the best of both worlds. Call it eating your cake and having it, if you will.

So, how do I use my devices?

TECNO Phantom A

Tecno Phantom A with accessssories
The Phantom A is a 5-inch mobile and runs Android Jelly Bean. I have adopted it as my mobile computer and so do my email, Blog management, social networking and instant messaging on it. Android’s built-in sharing capabilities especially means that sharing and social are superb on this device. I also find the WordPress app for Android very comprehensive.

Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 920
The Lumia 920 is a 4.5-inch smartphone running Windows Phone 8 (and due for a software update to the next version of Windows Phone soon). It is a superb media and multimedia device. This is my camera, camcorder, media editor, audio player, and video player. This is where I take my phone calls and SMS too. I do some social networking on it too, especially when I have an image to share. Navigation via the HERE suite of apps is also top notch.

As mentioned earlier, I could carry either of these devices solely and get all my tasks done, but I would miss out on the outstanding strengths of the other. If you are a one-mobile person, making a decision of what mobile to use has to be based on what is most important to you. Once you have those things on board, you can make do with the weaknesses of that device. If you are however privileged to be able to carry two devices, be sure to make sure that they complement one another so that you can enjoy the best of both world.

  1. At the moment that’s me and my Lumia 820 and Blackberry.

    I use my Lumia for pretty much everything except email, as I prefer the unified Inbox on the Blackberry.

    Could I manage with just one phone? Yes, but where would the fun be doing that? 🙂

  2. My main phone is the Samsung Galaxy S Duos and i use it for everything: browsing, chatting, email, as a camera, gaming, calls, sms etc

    My other phone the LG E615 is a back up and can do everything the Samsung does though not at the same quality. It houses other network sims so i use it to do internet related task when its signals are better or to do other stuff when the Samsung is indisposed.

  3. Hi oga Mo, please can you do a comprehansive review of tecno phantom pad n9. I’am contemplating buying this pad but need a review like u did on f7. Thankss in anticipation.

  4. iPhone 5 (main phone), Samsung GS4 (Secondary), Z10 (for BBM and sometimes serves as a modem because the sim I have on it was solely purchased for that purpose). Not that I don’t have better things to invest in, but the iPhone 5 was a wedding anniversary gift from my wife, can’t dispose it…atleast not now. I bought the GS4 to replace my iPhone 4S when i trued experimenting Android, the blackberry was presented to me by my boss for meeting his expectations. For some reasons I can’t properly place, I tend to prefer using the iPhone 5 more often than the rest even though it was the second acquisition among the 3.

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