You are told by one set of people to be free and be yourself, and be consistent with that. Someone else says, Change is the

Do it this way; do it that way

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You are told by one set of people to be free and be yourself, and be consistent with that. Someone else says, Change is the only constant thing in life, so you constantly need to reinvent yourself.

You are told to always have a plan B in case plan A fails. Someone else says, Have a single plan and invest all your energies into it, so that there is no chance of failure.

You are told to ship out that product, imperfect and incomplete as it is, and then polish it up as you go. Someone else talks to you about the power of getting it right the first time.

One school of thought tells you it is okay to drop out of school to chase that dream. Another says that education is essential and non-negotiable, and that you need to stay in school.

Working for others is slavery, you are told. Yet someone else will tell you that you need to get a job and climb the career ladder.

You are asked by one, “What are you still doing with such a man/woman? Dump their sorry behind!”. But another person sees it differently and asks you to exercise patience and roll with the punches.

“Take life easy, be calculated and play things safe,” one says. “Be adventurous and go experience life!” another tells you.

There is no end to opinions and views, many of which regularly conflict. I have seen people who played things safe and are successful, and I have seen wild people who are just as successful. Employees and entrepreneurs alike succeed and fail. Sometimes, staying works, and sometimes leaving is the answer. Some have implemented one plan alone and failed, same as some who have run with two plans and fallen flat.

I think that I have found the secret to success in life, and it is this: There is no secret to success in life. Everyone makes it up as they go based on their personal makeup, individual experiences and peculiar circumstances. You will have to take everything that you read, hear and see, and make your own path through life.

Don’t beat yourself up for your choices. If you will stay sane, you need to be your own greatest fan, even when everyone else thinks that you made the wrong decisions. Breathe, live, beat out your path and own it. Take your chance with life. It is your life, and it is your chance. Strike out and adapt as you go. May the force be with you!

I leave you with the chorus from my all-time John Legend favourite, “Everybody Knows”:

Cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows.
How to make it work, or how to ease the hurt.
We’ve heard it all before, that everybody knows just how to make it right.
I wish we gave it one more try.
One more try,
one more try,
one more try,
‘Cause everybody knows, nobody really knows.

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