I own and use a smartphone and whenever i’m in public either in a bus or in an office or bank i tend to use

Do you bring out your mobile device in public?

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I own and use a smartphone and whenever i’m in public either in a bus or in an office or bank i tend to use my phone to while away time. I either play games on it or i read an eBook.

I also use it to take pictures of events like last week Sunday when i used it to take the pictures of a motor accident that occurred along my axis in the rain. I also use it to access the internet along with the occasional phone call here and there.

Do you bring out your mobile device in public places?, and if you bring it out what do you do with it?.


  1. Oh boy let me warn you . Please don’t try it in Delta state. We call that ‘rough play’

  2. If I really have to, yes I do especially when I have to respond to important messages. Some people with inferiority complex may think I want to show off but frankly I can’t be bothered.

  3. Why not? I always do. Either I am checking my mails, taking pictures or chatting on social media. Without it I am usually bored.

  4. Other than not wanting to bring my phone out for security reasons in certain areas, there are also those odd moments that when I bring it out, I rather place it away from the glare of others to avoid questions you really don’t want to provide answers to.
    For example, you are in a bus and someone who probably had difficulty paying a =N=50 bus fair,sees your device and request for how much you got it. It won’t be easy telling such person you use a =N=100k phone while he is struggling to pay for his transportation.

    However, I do take my phone everywhere with me and look forward to its company especially while waiting on a queue. I can watch movies, browse contents in the Internet or play some good asphalt 7.

  5. Yeah! I bring out the BB8900 & Technology T1 alright. No quake. But bringing out the Galaxy Note or the iPad is inviting bad boys. Try it in my area and you stand to lose not just your device. You most likely will end up in kidnappers’ den. According to @Phamtasy, “that na rough play”

  6. You never get it right with android auto correct software do you.

    I mean “Techo T1” and “no qualms” in the post above. Sorry folks

  7. @deoladoctor, this autocorrect can land one in trouble ooo

    except for security reasons, sure. why not?.

  8. @deaoladoctor and pharmtasy: dis una delta na the wrongest place ever. Lol

    @belushi: you can always claim someone dashed you the phone to avoid further questions. That’s what I do sometimes especially when the person is actually trying to seize me up for a loan. I can smell them from a mile off. Lol

    Me I only bring out my phone is the coolest of places. If na for Ajegunle like place or computer village, na hands free mode all the way. I no fit shout!

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