You have all been so busy with Anna. Sorry, dudes, I’m romancing Belle already, and she is more babe than Anna in every way. You

Do you have the balls for Belle? She's very sexy!

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You have all been so busy with Anna. Sorry, dudes, I’m romancing Belle already, and she is more babe than Anna in every way.

You know the saying, “All things enjoyable in life are either expensive, forbidden, poisonous, dangerous, or married!” Anna is official. Nokia probably won’t smile at what I have done flashing my N8 to Belle. No vex, abeg!

But understand me: the temptation was much. The leaked files and videos got me hot and burning. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak.

Don’t tell me you have never run into that babe or dude that you just wanted more than any other. Yes, naaa. Eventually, what the…! I downloaded the files and flashed my Nokia N8 to Belle.

Anna is a fine teenager, but she does not have the full, voluptous curves of a full grown woman like Belle.

Pull-down notifications menu
Phone menu
I love my music. Oleku - serious matter!
New web browser version
Switching between tabs in browser

Like her? Symbian Belle is round and brown! Who needs a clumsy robot or an itoy? All haters, take a deep dive. This Symbian OS rocks.

Disclaimer: If you do choose to get in bed with Belle like I have done, you do it at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible. MobilityNigeria cannot be held responsible too. Even if you flash it successfully, your warranty is gone. Let me say that in Naija lingo – You are O.Y.O if you run after Belle before Nokia releases her to you! I don talk my own.


  1. [
    “All things enjoyable in life are either expensive, forbidden, poisonous, dangerous, or married!

    This dude wan kill me with lafta oooo

  2. I wanted to flash my N8 last week with Belle, but couldn’t for 2 reasons. First, my N8 drowned and I had to take it to Nokia Care to repair it. Second, I heard some apps are yet incompatible with Belle, and I had to do some research first to know which ones.

    Now with my N8 fixed, and my research done. I’m ready to marry Belle; the same way I married Anna 4 weeks before she became official. I’m downloading it now, in fact.

    For those interested, here are some links:

    Again, as the original poster said, you are O.Y.O. But if you’d like some counsel, you can reach me on twitter. @spacyzuma

  3. @ spaceyzuma. How many days did your N8 spend with Nokia care? Which of the Nokia center’s did you go to ? My speaker stopped working since some 2 weeks but I’m still dithering over taking phone to Nokia care because of the horrible experiences of some customers. Pls give me some tips …

  4. You’re just beginning to experience what Robot and itoy users have been enjoying for some time now and you think we should all go to hell.
    Hey brother, they’re only preparing you for the inevitable and ultimate switch to either the Robot, itoy or WP7. That babe you’re romancing right now and liking is only a walking corpse so mind how you devote your soul to her.

  5. For a minute there, you got me thinking that Belle was actually a woman.

    Kudos to MN for making Mobile Tech subjects exciting.

    Guess I’ll wait for the official release of Belle. Symbian rules!

  6. You could try

    Nokia Care Point: 13 Amodu Ojikutu,off Saka Tinubu Victoria Island Lagos

    If your phone is in Warranty, you’ll get a free service except if your warranty is voided or your phone doesn’t have warranty at all.

    Most people just get upset when they find out their phone is out of warranty and they need to pay for the service.

    Check your Warranty Status by sending

    IMEI space your IMEI to 32053

    for eg: IMEI 356252048226143 to 32053

    You’ll receive an SMS that tells you if your device has a 12month warranty valid in Nigeria.

    Hope this helps

  7. Belle. Interesting. That’s what makes a nice Ecosystem. Mobile Software upgrade that makes your device look brand new. Really in likewise, I can’t just wait for iOS 5!

    Meanwhile I’ll wait for the official release of Belle before I get me an E6!

  8. {
    Harry Echemco…>> that babe you’re romancing rightnow and liking is only a walking corpse so mind how you devote your soul to her.

    Lol…what a macabre sense of humour! Imagine romancing a corpse. Jitters!!!

    But, you must have heard of necromancy, right? Symbian may be ENERVATED, yes- but it aint dead YET! What if Elop is ousted TOMORROW? Symbian may just come back with great vigour!

  9. I took mine to the one located at Wuse II, Abuja. I had to pay 15000 because my warranty isn’t covered if the phone falls into water like mine did. I got it the very next day.

  10. @Eye.Bee.Kay:

    sure I’ve heard of necromancy, but I don’t think it is something the normal folks would be excited about or looking forward to.

    I don’t think Elop imposed the idea of dropping Symbian on the entire Nokia board, I would rather believe he made the suggestion and they accepted it as their only option to reposition Nokia in becoming competitive again.

  11. Just when I was about to start flashing my N8 with this leaked Belle, I read an article in about how Nokia plans to release a Belle update next week.

    Close shave there! Let me rock Anna for a few more days. Maybe I can get her pregnant if I try really hard.

  12. @Amasha & spacyzuma. Thanks.. I will stop by the ikeja Nokia cc since it’s the closest to me. I sent a text with my serial number to 32053 but the msg is still pending anyway my phone pack tells me I have 12 months warranty in Nigeria. It should still be valid till December.

  13. Dropped my under warranty N8 with Nokia care kodeosho, ikeja today(23 aug) to fix faulty back speaker & was told to come back Friday(26 aug) Please pray for my N8 ! Lol

  14. I’ve decided not to flash my N8 with this current leaked Belle version.

    I’ll wait a couple of weeks to see if Nokia releases Belle officially, or if a better, more stable version is leaked.

  15. men if u have belle on your device already u r lucky.. Talk bout a mobile device hacker and ive never been thisupset ive flashed my n8 with diff flash files omo dem no gree boot oh…… Sha guess i hv to sit ducks till another flash data package comes out im jealous if any one really has it

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