Do you QWERTY? Here are the top smartphones in 2015

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If you must use a smartphone with a hardware QWERTY keyboard in 2015, you have nowhere to turn but to BlackBerry. Maybe that isn’t 100% true. There are chances that there are some small, unknown brands out there still churning out one or two such devices. But among the most visible brands, all you have left is Blackberry.

Blackberry - Passport - Classic

The most up-to-date QWERTY smartphones are all BlackBerrys. Go with the king, the Passport, or its more compact sibling, the Classic. And then, we have the Q5 and Q10 too. All of them run BlackBerry 10.3. BlackBerry 10 OS is really good and meets the needs of most users. These are the top QWERTY smartphones available in 2015. If not interested in a Berry, you will be left to hunt for relics in the trashcans of Android OS – and if more adventurous, Symbian OS. LOOOL.

You see, the last time that most other brands produced a hardware QWERTY smartphone was in 2012. That is three years ago. We are talking devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and powered by single or dual-core processors. There are a few 2014 QWERTY phones with a hardware keyboard though. They run Android 4.x.x Jelly Bean too. See if they fit your bill:

Icemobile Apollo 3G
Who is IceMobile and where to get your hands on this one? Search me.

LG Optimus F3Q
LG Optimus F3Q
The LG Optimus F3Q is for T-mobile USA only, so you will need to relocate if you aren’t currently resident there.

The Last of the QWERTY Clan
It is just simple: if you want a modern, capable QWERTY smartphone in 2015, think BlackBerry 10. Dazall.


  1. dis is jes like an advert… is that how low bb has fallen… I wld rather manage the Apollo or the lg even

  2. Ehis oooo

    It is just simple: if you want a modern, capable QWERTY smartphone in 2015, think BlackBerry 10

    QWERTY keyboard? In 2015? Sigh!

    If is the fly that does not hear word that follows the dead bodi enter grave.

    That’s all.

  3. Its like going back to the dark ages if one run after those ones except BB 10 QWERTY.

  4. Truth be told, if you were desperate for a QWERTY and wanted an Android device, forget it. There was talk at one time of a revival of the Dell Venue Pro but even Dell realises this might be a backward step for them.

    One good thing that can be said of the BlackBerry offerings is that their keyboards are consistently good, especially on higher end devices.

  5. “There are chances that there are some small, unknown brands out there…”

    As a tech journalism source, shouldn’t you be doing research to inform us of these “unknown” brands? Meaning, isn’t it your job to know? Sorry, I found this article rather unhelpful.

  6. I’ve just got Huawei U8350 with Android OS, and this QWERTY smartphone is simply perfect! Blackberry should be crying of envy of this device.

  7. The point is not about age (note that this not-so-recent Huawei smartphone supports all modern certificates and fully addresses security requirements). The point is that it is an excellent device for work email, which is 3 times cheaper and much better in OS and flexibility than well-advertised Blackberries. I have Blackberry Bold that I got with phone contract – and never used since, as its design and functions are really unsatisfactory.

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