Does your iPhone snitch on you?

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iPhone logging

I haven’t used an iPhone in years, but Mike Anderson over at Code Fellows says that if you own an iPhone, it keeps a map of where you’ve been and a log of how long you were there. If he is correct, you can find it by following this path on your iPhone:

Preferences > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations > History.

And, yes; he says you can turn it off. Get all the juicy details at Code Fellows


  1. This is one of the first things I did when I got an iOS device. However I suspect this is applicable to devices with iOS7 and not iOS6.

  2. well!! well!! that xmas gift might also serve as a trojan horse……”So u said were where, @ so so & so time?”

  3. In the couple of years I have been following technology, I have come to realise that the only way you can’t be snitched on is to stay away from modern technology. Even if you use a 3310, you can still be tracked. I think its a lost cause trying to remain anonymous in this day and age. I stand corrected though.

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