I have had this amazingly gorgeous 3.5mm audio headset for about a few days now and they have been days of musical bliss. When I

Don’t walk with the Samsung LevelOn premium stereo headphones

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Samsung LevelOn

I have had this amazingly gorgeous 3.5mm audio headset for about a few days now and they have been days of musical bliss. When I need no interference, I simply plug it in and I am lost to the world, literally. See Mister Mo’s first impressions, if you haven’t already seen it. But here is my review of the device.


I got the white version and while I would have preferred the black one (for personal reasons), I adore the beauty of this headset with the gold edges. The ear pads were very comfortable and also aided in keeping the noise out and the sound in. Somehow, I feel they could have done better with the size because it felt too big at some point and that discouraged me from putting it on my neck for too long when I was not using it.

LevelOn controller


I value premium sound so I do not scrounge when I have to buy earpieces and headsets; I splurge. Needless to say, I have used more than a few from Bose to Sony and even Sennheiser, Bang & Olufsen and Dr Dre Beats. Of all of them, this can compare with just a few of the wide range. The noise cancellation is simply amazing and the delivery of sound, especially bass, is nothing short of awesome.

I first used it in a quiet environment and enjoyed it, but I took a walk at the height of the day and traffic on Lagos roads was simply muted out. No horns or hustle and bustle sounds leaked through. I did this a few times and each time, I felt like every other road user ceased to exist. Very risky something. Do not try this at home. If you are walking, I would suggest not using this at a loud volume so that you aware of your environment.

The controller on the cable lets one adjust volume, skip through music tracks and take calls too. And it supports S-Voice, though I didn’t get to try that. I don’t have a Samsung smartphone, but Mister Mobility will be taking care of that angle.


I wish I could have this for longer than I had because I must say this – it is a very good accessory for everyone who cherishes good music and by extension, good sound. At $180 (around N27,000), the price may be a little steep for the ordinary user but for the lover of premium audio, it is worth every naira, so by all means, go get it.

Rating: 8.5/10.0


  1. I’m curious as to whether the remote works with phones other than Samsung’s.

    Also, if they’re bass heavy like the Beats by Dre headphones.

  2. Still darn expensive. I got a Sony headset that does almost same thing ( I haven’t used this one, so I would leave it at almost) and costs less than a quarter of this ‘beast’

  3. the best part about Bluetooth head phones is that personally we don’t have to click the change button all the time specially while driving I faced such issue owned one from latestone.com and no more hassles

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