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Download these 5 best free wallpapers for your iPhone and Android phones

I often spend long periods of time hunting down the perfect wallpapers for every new smartphone I review or use. Wallpapers are important to me. They have to be artistic, or tell a story, yet they have to not be too bright, too busy, or intrusive. Finding the best free wallpapers for my smartphones is often a tall order.


Usually, I end up creating the kind of wallpapers that I need. Most times, I make them by tweaking existing wallpapers I find on the Web; some times, I create them from scratch. I take a lot of photographs, so I am not exactly lacking content to create wallpapers from. Anyway, I decided to share some of the ones I have created with you, for use on your smartphone.

Download the best free wallpapers for your iPhone and Android phones

This pack of five wallpapers includes three of my own created from scratch. These three in life: a tropical sunset I shot one evening, a photo of a Pixel/painting taken in our home, and a photo of the lagoon/peninsula that I took at the beach). The package also includes two wallpapers created from the new NASA Webb photo of the Carina nebula. All five of them have some degree of opacity applied, to make them better suited to serve as backgrounds over your app icons. I really do consider them the best free wallpapers you can find today, even if I say so myself. They are the best I can find. Try them out and let me have your feedback. If you like them, I will devote time to create more. If you want them modified in some way, let me know; perhaps I can tweak them for you, as well.

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Download my pack, of the best free wallpapers for your phone

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