How to easily prevent your phone from being tracked

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How would you prevent your phone from being tracked? This question is a telling one. Different people might also have different answers to it. We all value our privacy, though with different degrees, all based on our personal preferences. We can go various lengths to ensure it. Back to our phone tracking discussion:


The first thing one may suggest is to set the phone to Airplane mode, and bam!! No one can track you. Let me burst your bubble. Airplane mode doesn’t turn off your phone’s firmware. This tells your phone what cellular network to connect to , hence, your phone still gets to connect with cellular networks and snitch behind your back.

OK, why don’t we just switch off the phone or yank off the SIM card, sounds sure right? But I tell you, that won’t work too. Special phone trackers and fake cell phone towers can prey on your device identifiers and expose your location to those that need it.

For switched off phones, you might be unlucky to be one among those infected by a specimen of Android malware – PowerOffHijack. This guy basically fakes your phone’s shutdown animation and instead hibernates it. In this state, your phone remains easily traceable.

The only sure way of hiding your tracks is by ditching your phone’s battery. Sadly, these days we have many phones with non-removable batteries. The lack of an electricity source means there’s no components are powered on. Simple physics! Remove your battery to stay/remain undetected.

Please note: This is no licence to go on a crazy rampage :mrgreen:

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