Etisalat Nigeria has announced a reduction in their EasyBlaze tariffs, as follows: 200MB – N1,000 – Dial *229*2*6# 500MB – N2,000 – Dial *229*2*2# 1.5GB

Etisalat Nigeria announces lower Easyblaze tariffs

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Etisalat Nigeria has announced a reduction in their EasyBlaze tariffs, as follows:

200MB – N1,000 – Dial *229*2*6#
500MB – N2,000 – Dial *229*2*2#
1.5GB – N4,000 – Dial *229*2*4#
Night & Weekend – N4,000 – Dial *229*3*3#

To check your data balance anytime – just dial *228#


  1. Too little too late, peeps have already activated their data bundles already, nxt time do it when the month is about to end…. What is wrong with their marketing team….

  2. Great news!

    Funny thing is- i have not been able to use Etisalat – in my area- for voice and data (no; i do not live in a valley. All the other networks work)

  3. Yomi,
    Thanks for confirming this because I got a text from Etisalat about this lower rates earlier today.
    Way to go Etisalat!! Excellent service too!

  4. @Afewgoodmen

    they are just catching up with Glo ! I still think Glo is unbeatable.

    You have just given voice to my sentiments. I still have to commend them for finally deciding to be competitive but Glo is still better by volume.

    I recharge N1000 and get instant 50MB to use before subscribing to a plan.

    I’m still sticking with Glo for now. The future of mobile data plan is looking bright.
    Thanks Yomi for this info.

  5. Effectively GLO is giving us 250Mb for N1,000 / mth

    Etisalat now also gives 200Mb + (15Mb X 5) = 275Mb

    Etisalat & Glo are really pushing the envelopes – for MTN & AirTel to follow…

    It w

  6. nice one from etisalat bcos i always thought their data services were a bit on the high side.better late than never though.

  7. As for me I’ll stick with glo, I don’t even av to suscribe for data on my line because I’ve accumlated thousands of KBs over the months, all I just do is recharge with a minimum of 500 naira card and i’ll keep browsing for the next 7 days.

  8. @Eye.bee.kay

    Effectively GLO is giving us 250 Mb for
    N 1 ,000 / mth

    Etisalat now also gives 200 Mb + ( 15Mb X 5 ) = 275 Mb

    Etisalat & Glo are really pushing the envelopes – for MTN & AirTel to follow…

    Your assertion is true but Etisalat’s offer is not as flexible as Glo’s offer. What I mean is, Etisalat can only give you a maximum of 15MB free per week irrespective of how much you choose to load within that same week while Glo gives 25MB per N500 loaded at a time. Of course the N500 or multiples of it has to be loaded as a single unit. So you can accumulate up to1000MB or more in one week if you have the financial muscle.

    Again, Etisalat’s offer is only for Easycliq members while Glo’s offer is for everyone. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. Still rubbish from etisaland! Glo is still runing the show will soon show them they are untop the competition! Go go glo even though i hate glo… Well i hate all naija network anyway

  10. Finally there is real competition for Glo. Let the data price war continue. I can’t wait for the implementation of number portability.
    Good one from Etisalat. But why did they not introduce this ab initio?

  11. So Etisalat finally decided to wake up from their anti user data plans?.Good for them though belated.I have been trying the 200MB data plan on my mobile could I be missing the code as I dialled

  12. excellent work… i was just thinking of activating.. for me i need internet on the go and etisalat voice services are excellent here so i just stick with them and blaze all the way

  13. Hi everyone, I dialed 1241 on GLO to check out how much mb I might have accumulated and the voice prompt cud only tell me my account balance and mms balance (8 units). How else can i check my data balance anyone?

  14. Shame. Etisalat used to be pacesetters for data/call rates, now they are lugging their bits behind Glo’s stinky rear. Imho, as cool as GLO is, their data service can be described as flustered. It always seem like its throwin a tantrum and thus decides when to work whenever. Etisalat n MTN are more reliable. Airtel. You still exist?

  15. @gabirel and shayman its stil working i just check mine now. Just try and load a card even if its N100. @deola its Glo, mk sure u load N500 card or best load single N1000 glo card.

  16. glo is still the best, but thanks to eti 4 d price reduption d only good things abt d eti is like on my airtel u can rollover n ur vilidity wil be xtended

  17. @deoladoctor

    Which network and which plan if I may ask.

    That’s Glo network.

    @Gabriel Shaze

    Hi everyone, I dialed 1241 on GLO to check
    out how much mb I might have accumulated
    and the voice prompt cud only tell me my
    account balance and mms balance (8 units ).
    How else can i check my data balance
    anyone ?

    It is still working. First dial 124 then listen to the voice prompt then press 1 to get data balance, credit balance, validity period etc. I just checked mine before posting this comment.

  18. @gcfr.. the night and weekend package is capped at 1.5gb

    @muyiscoi.. the 6gb for N8k is still as it is.. no modification..

    for me,i look at quality and not quantity.. with quality you have peace of mind.. where i stay in the city, emptyhen gives you data availabitity but you can hardly enjoy it.. you see 3g/hspa+ on your smartphone/modem but the network crawls. atimes it doesnt even move.

    with glo,i notice network is only good around their offices or very close to a base station.the coverage isnt vast.. also while browsing/doenloading or doing some important stuff online,the data availability disappears. you have to reboot your device before signal comes up again.. airtel has a problem with coverage also.. their availability is restricted..

    i feel as a subscriber,you are entitled to a relaible and efficient date/voice service at any time. we shouldnt be managing services or begging for incentives..

    as for etisalat,i believe thats the true definition of mobile broadband connectivity for now.. once you are logged on,the stability is guaranteed and wherever you have the 3g symbol.. its actually 3g.. also remember before the advent of the easyblaze,they were running on EDGE and it was very stable.. no cuts.. for me easyblaze from etisalat wins ….

  19. @deoladoctor

    Sorry I forgot to address the second part of your question.

    This no particular plan at all but just free data bonus from Glo on lump recharge of N500 or multiples of it. Each N500 gives you a bonus of 25MB of data.

    It has been mentioned by Yomi on this site before and you enjoy the data bonus with glosecure APN.

  20. Good one from etisalat, may be I will try it this time around. Just tired of glo data services disappearing when I am in a middle of important stuff online especially whenever I’m using my phone as a wifi hotsport for my laptop.

  21. The only user friendly network,and the network that considers its customers first is Etisalat and Glo. MTN is worst giving promo that you’ll suffer to get. They’re simply cheats

  22. Way to go Etisalat.

    But the problem is that with the 18GB and 20GB on me and my wife’s phone courtesy of GLO , I find it kind of hard to pay.

    But i need to test Etisalat speed 1 of these days.

  23. The only states that are enjoying these 3G enabled services are Lagos, Abuja, Port H, Kaduna and probably few states in the south, while most states in the north such as Kebbi, zamfara, Sokoto etc can’t enjoy the new data services from Etisalat and GLo because they ain’t 3G enabled states. I.e GLO and Etisalat are yet to launch 3G network services in the north. So, guys living in the north don’t waste your money for a data plan that is not installed.

  24. hay,pls help me out. 4days ago I loaded 1k on my glo and I got 50mb. I decided to browse on my fone with the 50mb(with APN:glosecre, username:gprs&password:gprs) b4 I bundle d 1k. After browsing for lik 20mins and have used abt 13mb of d data, I checkd my credit balance,behold my 1k remain 0.0k. I was mad,dont kno wht to do,then i dail 124, I was only told my credit and mms, no data balance, so I called 444 and a lady picked and askd me which APN I used and she said I shuld hav used “wap”. I askd again wap? She said “yes, wap” I then askd wht is the APN and other tins? she then said “APN:glogwap, username wap, password wap” I was confused, but went ahead to do it but refused to connect. I then loaded another 1k and dail 124 and behold i have 86mb. Then I bundled the 1k chap chap then went ahead to connect again using d glosecure and it connected. So i hv been browsing wit d bonus. My question now is: where did I get wrong in the 1st place and 2: any APN lik glogwap?

  25. @andy

    …My question now is : where did I get
    wrong in the 1st place and 2 : any APN lik

    I don’t think you did anything wrong. The fact remains that Glo’s system is very erratic. I’ve countered that same issue a couple of times I really don’t know the cause. The best I could come up with is blame it on incompetence on Glo’s technical department or take it that Glo is engaged in some form of ruse on their customers.

    Certainly there is a glogwap APN and it does browse on pay-as-you-go but I wouldn’t know if it has some other special uses.

  26. This is good development from etisalat- my network of choice! Only problem is i wish it could deploy HSPA+ in the northern areas of naija such as kebbi, sokoto and suchlike as someone already pointed out above. That would be absolutely fantastic!

  27. well y’all keep complaining about Airtel. I make use of Airtel and the speed I get on 3g is sick!!! and just like @ceetw2 said, you can keep extending your the expiration date of your data plan..that’s one thing I love about Airtel.

  28. t looks as if Etisalat actually gives 15MB free data for every 200 (and multiples of it) you load, and not necessarily per week.Reasons:2 Weeks ago I subscribed to the 500MB bundle but when I checked my data balance it was over 630MB (I can’t remember exactly how much). That was my first subscription, and I had hardly used the line prior to that subscription.This evening, I loaded N4,000 and subscribed to a 1.5GB (1536MB) and immediately checked my data balanced. It was 1837MB. That’s an extra 301MB. I exhausted my previous data bundle about 5 days ago. So I had no data to roll-over.

  29. @Austin.
    etisalat is actually doing a promo now. you get 30% bonus on every easyblaze data plan you subscribe to thats the reason for the increase

  30. Hey guys! So, I just got myself an android phone (galaxy fit) and dexided to acitvate one of the easyblaze plans. After loading d cash n sending the approriate code, i got a message that my request is being processed n nothing has happened since then. I plan on storming their offices tomorrow to complain but if i can get a solution before then, that’ll be super!

  31. @muyiscoi
    congrats.. now dial *229*0# to opt out of any previoous plan you were enjoying and dial the activation code for the new plan you want to use. if its still negative, try around 2.00am.. if there is network problem,it will not activate

  32. @Shayman

    How much is the samsung galaxy fit pls ?

    Or you can get it with N31,000 or less at Slot in Computer Village, Ikeja.

  33. I shld probably mentioned that i purchased mine in ph and while there is a slot shop over here, i was not privy to dat info until after i had made the purxhase. So, there is a possibility i might have gotten a better deal from slot. Its kimda ironical though. You’re meant to get the best deals from the original manufacturer aren’t you?

  34. After spending close to 4 hours at etisalat sercicw centre today, I finally got my data issues fixed!. Time to see how fast I can burn through 260mb

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