Even Governor Fashola is smitten with the selfie bug

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No-one is immune to the virus of the selfie. Thanks to cameraphones, even public officials are unable to resist a selfie – public occasion or not. Lagos State Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola does a cheery one while Bola Ahmed Tinubu delivers an address.

Selfie BRT

Don’t hate the game, people. This is the selfie generation. It is what we do. Get with the programme and take one today.

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  1. No,not every one has caught the selfie bug. Yes, I am non chauvinistic that way.

    I don’t take pictures, self or others.

    I know… What’s life without some eccentricities?.

  2. Same here. Not that I have anything against taking pictures, in fact, I like good camera phones, but selfies, not me. I haven’t caught the bug.

  3. I just love the look on Governor Fashola’s face – priceless!

    The way Nigerian functions go, I would probably do the same out of boredom.

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