Facebook is the wrong place to get your wife – Pastor Adeboye

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You may have seen the video in which the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Adeboye, spoke about the consequences of finding a wife on Facebook. According to him, “If you get your wife through the Facebook, you will lose her to the YouTube”.

I do not remember where I saw the video (most likely Facebook or Youtube), but RCCG did share a tweet quoting him. Yes; on Twitter, a social media platform like Facebook. One wonders why RCCG uses social media. If we follow the good pastor’s principle, people who join (or show interest in) the church through Twitter and Facebook will probably be lost to Youtube and Instagram.

I hope that the good pastor was joking and I hope that there is a section of that his message that wasn’t included in the video clip in which he made it clear that he was joking. If he wasn’t joking, basically what pastor Adeboye is passing across would be like a pastor in the 19th century saying: “If you get your wife in the village square, you will lose her to the village market”. Something of the sort.

The New Village Square

You see, social media is the new village square. This is where we live and interact today. And guess what, tons of people meet on social media and go on to marry and be happy. Tons of people meet on social media and go on to become great business partners. Tons of people meet on social media and go on to be lifelong friends.

Is there something inherently wrong with social media? None that I know of. Social media is a culture change, not an aberration. Please take that pastor Adeboye’s video clip with a pinch of salt.

A Generational Perception

To be fair, it is not a religious problem. It is a problem with the older generation who mostly find it difficult to see social media as anything other than a distraction. At best, they see it as something that should be an add-on to living. The truth, however, is that social media has become an integral part of life in today’s world.

I am betting that many RCCG pastors and members of the younger generation do not subscribe to what their General Overseer said in that video. Of course, there is nothing in the Bible that supports his words.

Many of our fathers and mothers found love in the village square. Today, many people are finding love on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Love has no platform preference. Wherever we find it is just fine. But then, that video might just be Pastor Adeboye throwing Sunday bants.


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  1. I’d disagree with you on this one Mr Mo. First things first, we should understand that Baba Adegboye’s message is directed to a specific audience (whether it is spread through social media or not). Paul addressed his letter to the churches in the Bible, it became the message to all believers but the audience is still the same – the Church. Marriage is a serious matter in every believer’s life and God is particular about whom we marry. This is not to say God can’t connect two believer’s through social media, but I’m sure he meant to say social media is not a hunting ground for a spouse, especially for a serious Christian. Paul often differentiated believers from the rest of the world in his letters (e.g. be not unequally yoked…). A serious Christian seeking God and eternal life will not hunt for a spouse on social media. There’s a cultural shift in the world, but the culture (attitudes, character) of the church can never change. Nobody is saying don’t use social media, but don’t use it to replace church ethics like following God’s leading for a wife. I’m sure you haven’t listened to the whole message (neither have I), so don’t jump to conclusion, with all due respect.

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