Facebook Messenger: The most downloaded app with One-star rating

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Facebook, some days ago announced they were going to make their messenger app a compulsory download for users. The process has begun, as they have started removing the messenger from the official Facebook app, and this forced migration hasn’t gone down well with users as clearly reflected in the (iOS) App Store rating and reviews.


Facebook messenger is now the number one downloaded app in the App Store with a one-star rating which is quite unusual. The poor rating of the recent app can solely be attributed to the fact that Facebook made the unnecessary download of the app compulsory due to the split and users have been quick to show their dismay. The removal of the app of the messenger from the official app itself is slowly going on, so if you are still using yours, enjoy it while it last as the removal will get to you soon.

However, in the Android Play Store, the app still has a four star rating, but this is because all versions of the app ratings are cummulative unlike the App Store where the ratings are separated from the previous version.

The poor reviews is said to be trending in App Stores worldwide, according to analytic tracking company experts App Annie, the messenger app has an average of 1 to 2 star rating in every country at the moment.

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