Facebook’s new weather section: tell the weather while liking posts!

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Facebook has its hands in a lot of pies. The social media company took over Whatsapp, Instagram, and attempted to take over Snapchat. That failed; otherwise we probably would have had one social network to rule them all. That’s a bit scary, come to think of it. However, it hasn’t stopped Facebook from experimenting with everything, guys. Soon, Facebook will run everything; business, entertainment, news. They will even have a whole weather section.

About that last part: maybe that’s stretching things a bit. However, Facebook will tell you the weather. I’m not kidding; they have launched a new feature in its mobile app and desktop site. This feature, powered by Weather.com, will tell you the weather in real time. In fact, this feature will tell you the weather forecast for a full week.

You know about Facebook’s “weather greetings”, don’t you? That’s the little tab on the homepage, which greets you according to the time of day when you visit Facebook. That tab also shows you the weather, albeit in a minimized format; you see a little sunrise logo in the mornings and a little crescent-shaped moon at night. Well, Facebook has done one better with this weather feature. Furthermore, you can choose if you want to receive these weather updates daily. Cool stuff guys.

This Weather section will default to your location; however, you can also track the weather of other locations too. you can also decide if you want the temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. However, don’t expect detailed weather analysis or anything like that; the Weather feature will provide basic weather reports. You can expect to see terms like “sunny”, “partly cloudy” etc. furthermore, just like the normal weather apps, you can get forecasts by the hour.

Hmm, you could almost say that Facebook really wants to keep us staring at our screens all day. Well, for what it’s worth, I think this is a useful feature; you could read the weather forecasts for the day without missing out on those sweet Facebook likes. All the same, Facebook is quietly edging absolutely everyone out of the market.

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