Facelock for Symbian3 devices

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Let’s step into the world of science fiction and thrillers a bit. How would you like to have your phone’s security system use your face as the access code to your phone?


Sounds interesting? Yes; Facelock is an app for Symbian3 devices that lets you do just that. You take a scan of your face and set a password too (just in case).

Net time you want to unlock your phone from sleep state, Facelock pops up, asks to match your face with the initial scan you did, and if it matches, access is granted. If it doesn’t match, hey, you can still gain access with the password you entered.

You guys with C7s and N8s and E7s and E6s need to have some fun with this right away and post your experiences in the comments section below!

PS: For Symbian3 smartphones only! Download Facelock from Nokia Store.


  1. Except you acknowledged that it is for fun, it is certainly going to be a time waster for people who want things done. For one thing, there is the huge chance of failure of the software that’s the reason for the password alternative. Again the amount of time it would take the software to capture the image and analysing it against the one in the memory would be unacceptable for those who intend using it regularly.

    For people who intend having fun, it might be a very good one.

  2. How would you like to have your phone’s security system use your face as the accesscode to your phone?

    Maybe the software authors would consider using voice too …lol

    PS: For Symbian3 smartphones only!

    Looks like it is also for s60v5 (s^1) as well. My google search indicates this.

    Shall not bother to install this as i already have too many memory_resident tasks running on the Nokia’s 5800

  3. To secure my phone on Symbian, i use / have used Aims Migital Tech MasterLock,MazeLock , etc.

    Like Harry said, the FaceLock is in the mould of Fingerprint Scanner or Fart app. Not likely to find lots of practical use

  4. Yomi, this is a good one. Thank God I bought an E6. Now the E6 would have what used to see only in Science Fiction land!

    Now for the utilmate question. Is it a free app?

  5. Yomi, i thiught that the app was available for all Symbian 3 devices, including the Nokia E6?

    Strange, when I tried searching for it and even following the link above, i was told the E6 wasn’t supported. Strange! This is the second app that isn’t supported on the E6, yet claim that it is a symbian 3 app!

  6. @afewgoodmen. Sorry for that. E6 has higher resolution than other symbian^3 phones. This plus the qwerty form factor makes it an island on its own. Several apps for N8,E7,C7,X7 are not compartible with it!

  7. Screen resolution and form factor should not have a bearing on this particular app. You snap your photo (camera only), store, then later compare that digital photo wih your face (again using the camera). There may be another reason for the incompatibility (in this particular case), but i doubt this is as a result of the factors Shayman listed above…

  8. Interesting app but kinda needless one. Like my pals has said earlier, the time to process the face with the one in memory won’t be appealing at all.

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