Fashion: Handy Pink Case for BlackBerry 9320 Curve

Mrs Mo purchased a very nice case for her BlackBerry 9320 Curve last Friday. It is so cute and nice that I thought to share it with our fashion-conscious mobilistas. Enjoy the pictures.

Here is the case closed:
BB Case Pink

Nice rear view:
BB Case Pink Rear

Still on the rear, you can see the slots for camera and flash:
BB Case Pink Camera Slots

And here is the case open:
BB Case Pink open

There are also two slots for your business cards, ID cards, or Debit/Credit cards:
BB Case Pink Card Slots

The cover flap is magnetically held in place when closed. I really do like the case, though I wouldn’t be caught dead using one. This one is too feminine for me. Not that I care much for carry cases though. As a rule, I prefer my phones nude. Do you use carry cases? What sort are your preference?

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0 thoughts on “Fashion: Handy Pink Case for BlackBerry 9320 Curve

  • September 8, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    Personally I’m not a case person. I prefer my phone nude. Although I’ve gotten a case before for my blackberry 9320, it appears its not so friendly with my usb cable either for charging or connecting to my system cuz it always disconnects so I stopped using it. Anyways, dat results in wear and tear as am not so gentle wen it comes to phones

  • September 9, 2013 at 9:23 am

    Mrs Mo’s case is too fiddly and too er…bright for me. I’ve always had cases on my phones, I like to avoid unnecessary scratches and marks, especially if it’s in my pocket or bag.

    I usually get a Case Mate case. A bit more expensive but it protects my phone where it matters. To date I’ve never been disappointed nor had to replace one in the duration of my ownership of a phone.

    I would rather have a good case than take my chances with the hard ground. The ground often wins.

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