How to get 1.3GB data for N1,000 on MTN Nigeria

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Data tariffs keep dropping across all mobile telcos in Nigeria. MTN is usually the last to capitulate and offer lower tariffs. Which is exactly what has happened here. Until now, on MTN Nigeria, all that N1,000 would get you was 260MB of data. Now, you can get 1.3GB data for that same N1,000.

1.3GB data for N1,000

How To Get It

To get 1.3GB data for N1,000 on MTN Nigeria, send 106 in an SMS to 131. Validity is 30 days and it can be used on all kinds of regular smartphones – Android, Windows, and iOS.

There’s More!

But that isn’t all. MTN also now offers subscribers 3.75 GB of data for N2,000. To subscribe to this, send 110 in an SMS to 131. Validity is 30 days too and the plan works on all regular smartphones.


  1. If this has come to stay, it is a final definitive nail in the coffin of MTN Data Share Resellers.

    Well the Etisalat version is still available to them.

    A single policy change, a new business move, and your business can be wiped out overnight. The wisdom in diversification…

  2. Who have tried subscribed to know whether is browsing fast? Beco I don’t trust Mtn. They can give u data but u cannot open one single page.

  3. MTN needs to improve on their connectivity,the network sucks at my end..good move though..

  4. Why would they want to do that? They won’t get repeat customers that way and that’s not the way to go for a telco that relies on continued patronage of existing customers.

  5. Funny enough, it is MTN that is saving my neck this morning at the office. Smile, Glo and Airtel left me stranded, so the 1.3GB plan from MTN is what is keeping me productive right now.

    But wait o. Is this normal? One keeps four (4) different lines for data handy just so one doesn’t get stranded. No; this isn’t okay. Our service providers need to do better.

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