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If you own a Samsung smartphone running Android 9 and you are looking for where to find the Digital Wellbeing feature that Google baked into Android 9 Pie by Google, you just might find that it is missing. Here is where to look to find Digital Wellbeing in One UI on your Samsung phone.

I am not sure at what point it hit me that I hadn’t run into Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The phone runs Android 9 Pie, with One UI layered over that. The feature was introduced by Google in Android 9, so I set out to find out the location of Digital Wellbeing in One UI.

What is Digital Wellbeing?

Digital Wellbeing is a suite of apps that help you manage your smartphone usage and disconnect when you need to. Use the Daily app timers to set limits for how much you use specific apps, use Wind Down to set a daily schedule of when to switch off at night and fade your screen to Grayscale (which also conserves battery power), and use Do Not Disturb to turn off notifications so you can sleep undisturbed.

Google Digital Wellbeing app

So I got on with my search. Trust me, I looked everywhere in Settings on my phone and I could not find it. I used the Search feature in the Settings menu, but the feature didn’t show up. What exactly was going on here?

Eventually, I turned to Google. A few search results later, and I found conclusive evidence that not all Samsung smartphones running Android Pie have Digital Wellbeing installed in them. Shocking. And the Galaxy S9 Plus is one of those from which the feature is missing.

Please don’t ask me what Samsung’s criteria for making such a decision are.

Where to find Digital wellbeing in One UI on Samsung smartphones

You will find Digital Wellbeing in your phone’s Settings menu.

On Samsung’s One UI phones, once you are in the Settings menu, scroll down and you will find Digital Wellbeing listed between Advanced features and Device care.

Digital Wellbeing in One UI
Here is where to locate Digital wellbeing in One UI

If you do not find it there, your Samsung smartphone does not have it, as is the case with my Galaxy S9 Plus. This is what I see on my device:

no Digital wellbeing on Samsung Galaxy s9 plus
There is no Digital Wellbeing menu on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The Digital Wellbeing app is listed in Play Store, but as “incompatible with all of” my devices. Sigh. So, I have in my hand one of the most capable smartphones on the planet, running the latest Android 9 software, and yet I can’t enjoy Google’s cutting edge Digital Wellbeing feature. Gobe.

Does Samsung have anything to say about tis absence of the Digital Wellbeing feature on some of its smartphones? Yes; a curt statement that says, “This feature is available in some models.”

Mrs. Mo uses a Samsung smartphone running Android Pie too, so I checked it to see if hers had it. Unfortunately, we are in the same boat: her phone does not have the Digital Wellbeing feature either.

Which got me thinking: is this a location/regional thing? Perhaps Samsung does not include Digital Wellbeing to phones sold in some countries/regions. Or perhaps it is strictly a random model thing.

The good thing is that if you own a Samsung smartphone with Android 9, you now know where to look for the Digital Wellbeing app in One UI on your phone – the Settings menu. Do let me know your findings – and mention what country you are based in.

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  1. One of the many apps I rarely use on my A40. The phone pack does have some Russian inscriptions/characters, I so think it was released for the Russian market

  2. Thanks for this info, Mister Mo. I have never thought of such feature in a phone for a long time now. This article can now change my thought on that. This info is useful.

  3. “Digital Wellbeing”. I think I’ve stumbled on a few “Chinko” phones with similar features as described.
    From what I could gather from this writeup, I think 🤔 the major essence of Digital Wellbeing is to conserve phone’s battery.

  4. This feature can assist our way of life lost especially those on therapy and to curb or reduce addiction.

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