At the ongoing Mobile Wor4ld Congress 2013, as far as I am concerned, the big news is the launch of Firefox OS and two devices

Firefox OS is the Big News of MWC 2013; Tizen OS too [Updated]

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At the ongoing Mobile Wor4ld Congress 2013, as far as I am concerned, the big news is the launch of Firefox OS and two devices on the platform. Both ZTE and Alcatel have a smartphone each hitting the market this year – ZTE Open and Alcatel OT Fire. In addition, Firefox OS phones from LG and Huawei are expected soon too.

Alcatel OT Fire

That is 18 mobile operators including China Unicom and four manufacturers already on board. Those manufacturers may not be the top dogs, but they include some of the most aggressive. Imagine the possibilities. Also, from what we have seen so far, it appears that Firefox OS is light on resources. Perhaps this is that first world smartphone for third world mobile networks that we talked about last year?

Also, Samsung has finally officially announced the retirement of Bada OS and its replacement with Tizen OS. But we knew that all along; didn’t we? Bada smartphones won’t be able to upgrade to Tizen, but Bada apps will run on Tizen OS phones. As I have said earlier, Tizen is a smart move by Samsung to own both the OS and the hardware, and should Samsung convert just 25% of its smartphone market to Tizen, BlackBerry and Windows Phone might be in for sleepless nights.

If there are any potential alternatives to Android OS at the moment, I have both Firefox OS and Tizen OS in my sights, and if one of them does very well, even iOS is likely to end up in 3rd place in the smartphone market. I am excited to see these alternatives looking promising. Here is hoping that implementation works out as good as they look right now.

Sony too has announced that they will be launching a Firefox OS mobile device in 2014, bringing the number of OEMs abord Firefox OS to five. This party gets better & better.


  1. impressive!

    with Samsung being behind Tizen, and they being the biggest Smartphone currently, they definitely have the clout to make this work.

    what I don’t know is how they are going to woo developers to that platform. it is a knotty problem that can not be resolved overnight.

    bribery/cash inducement a la Blackberry / WidowsPhone?

  2. Excitement in the air! I will also love to here more on Ubuntu for mobile. If Samsung can actually convert 25% of their followers on Android to Tizen, then maybe it is Google that needs to worry rather than Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry. And for this year and a couple of years from now, Apple may keep winning the war that matters the most, at least for some time and that is profits.

  3. I think you’re getting ahead of yourself a little, you’re already singing praises for Firefox and Tizen OS before they have even reached consumers, and calling these two potential alternatives to android completely bypassing Blackberry 10 is shortsighted.

  4. Category 1
    Android, iOS, WP8, and BB10.

    Category 2
    Firefox OS, Tizen, Sailfish and Ubuntu.

    Category assumed Dead
    Symbian and WebOS

    Of the new kids on the block I have more interest in Ubuntu and Tizen before the Firefox OS. Sailfish hmmmmmm no comment for now.
    Have watched there videos mind you.

    But from what have seen, Firefox OS is getting the biggest push and manufacturers.

    Given tech advice is becoming more difficult these days OHHHH.
    So much to Read, Watch and Listen to.

  5. I really think FireFox and Tizen will be a hit. Especially Tizen. I wouldn’t mind being among the first people to try the revamped Tizen Samsung phones. I’ll miss google though, but I pray they maintain a way to add Google services.
    In this new landscape, I think the least worried company is Apple and probably HTC.

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