First impressions: TECNO Phantom Z mini

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I am a fan of the Phantom Z. It is a well crafted flagship smartphone that ticks all the right boxes and at a fair price. As far as I can tell, many others like the phone too. Perhaps that is why TECNO decided to do a sequel, which has been oddly named “mini”. I say oddly because the difference in screen size between the Z and Z mini is just 0.2 inches. Not much of a mini, if size is the only criteria.

But while the TECNO Phantom Z mini is just a little smaller in terms of display, it is significantly lighter and thinner, and other differences exist. The display resolution is lower. The processor is less powerful. Internal storage is smaller. Camera is lower specced. Battery is smaller.


In the sales pack is the phone, a flip case, USB cable and plug, as well as headphones and documentation. The packaging is really lovely.


Back to the phone itself, it is another beautiful job from TECNO, hardware wise. It is very light and comfortable in the hand. At 6.6mm thin, it is thinner than the iPhone 6. Starting it up, one is greeted by TECNO’s mildly modified user interface. Nothing drastic.

This is a beautiful phone. Elroy will be taking it for a spin and bringing you the review, so hang around.

The Phantom Z mini

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