Fitbit Flyer headphones to go with the Ionic

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Fitbit recently announced their first entry in the smartwatch market, the Fitbit Ionic. Along with the smartwatch, the company has released another device, which is in an entirely different field, yet complements the Ionic. Fitbit announced the Fitbit Flyer headphones, which are supposed to go together with the Ionic.

The Fitbit Flyer headphones are simply a set of Bluetooth headphones, focused on fitness. According to the company, these headphones are designed to be sweat-proof and water resistant. Therefore, you can wear them on a really sweaty workout. The company also says that these headphones will last around six hours of use on a single charge. You’ll only need to charge it for 15 minutes to get an extra hour of battery life. The headphones charge over Micro USB instead of USB-C.

Now, the Fitbit Flyer is intended to go hand in hand with the Fitbit Ionic. Also, the headphones can connect with two devices at the same time. Therefore, you can connect it to both your smartphone and your smartwatch. There’s a quick pairing feature, which lets the headphones connect to your devices more easily.Fitbit Flyer

Reports from testers say that the Fitbit Flyer is just okay. According to these reports, the sound quality is okay, though not particularly mind-blowing. But surely, the headphones should be good enough for a lot of people who work out to music. Furthermore, Fitbit includes an assortment of fins and eartips, which help the headphones to fit properly in the ear. Hopefully, this will also appeal to a lot of people, as some headphones have a habit of falling out of people’s ears at any sudden movements, which is not ideal for a workout.

According to Fitbit, the Flyer will be released in October. There will be several color combinations, which include gold/grey or black/blue. It will go for just $129.95.



  1. Wow! This is how I like my headphone to be. Now, one can listen to music freely without any worry of cable attached to your phone. The fact that, it can be used in a workout without falling down from your ear is what I love most. Kudos to the company that came up with this idea.

  2. technology is gradually evolving into our present world headphone to match a smart phone that nice from the company.

  3. Ope ooo…so I can connect it to both my smartphone and my smartwatch. Good to know Lets us know when its available in Nigeria

  4. “Not particularly mind blowing sound” and it still costs almost 50k. I wonder how much the mind blowing sound producing one will cost.
    Oh I know….the price will blow your mind 🙅

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