How to fix camera errors on your Android smartphone

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The camera has become one of the most important features in a smartphone, and for good reasons too. We all love to capture memories – especially beautiful ones. So it is important to know how to fix camera errors when they show up on your Android smartphone.

It is important to note upfront that some camera issues are from the hardware. For example, if your camera lens gets scratched, the solution is to have that part replaced. You have to take the phone to a service centre for that. That is an example of a hardware failure in the camera.

But then, some other camera problems are from your phone’s softwares. These are easier to fix. If your phone’s camera throws up an error like, “Camera cannot be started” when you launch it, that is likely a software problem.

Here are a few tips to help you fix camera errors on your smartphone.


Below are two possible solutions to camera errors on your smartphone. If one doesnt work, try the other.

Clear Camera Cache
– Go into your phone Settings.
– Locate the camera app there.
– Uninstall any updates for the camera.
– Clear all the cache and data and force-stop the camera app.
– Restart the phone.
– Re-install all the updates.

Clear Camera Permissions
– Go to Settings on your phone.
– Select Apps.
– Click on the Settings cog wheel at the top.
– Clear all permissions for the Camera.
– Restart your phone.

We hope you are able to fix the camera errors on your phone with the above. Selfie time!

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