The versatility of the Android platform is its greatest strength and it outshines iOS on several fronts. Below are some of the advantages of Android OS over iOS.

4 advantages of Android OS over iOS

I need to say upfront that every operating system has its unique selling point (USP). One does some things better than the other. From my own point of view, there are more advantages of Android over iOS, which gives the former a huge edge.

The versatility of Android OS is its greatest strength and it outshines iOS on several fronts. Below are some features that give the Android platform an edge over iOS.

advantages of Android OS over iOS

Greater Price Differentials

Whatever your budget, there is an Android phone available for you. You will find lowly phones costing less than $100 and at the other end of the spectrum are Android smartphones costing two thousand dollars. This is one of the major advantages of Android over iOS.

By default, iOS devices are premium devices and exist only at the higher end of the spectrum. Much more people are privileged to own and use a smartphone, thanks to Android OS.

Hardware choices

This is tied to the other advantage of price differentials and it is one of the advantages of Android OS over iOS.

Apart from many of the great benefits of the OS, Android gives its fanbase a wide choice of hardware across a wide variety of manufacturers. This means that there is an Android for all types – touchscreen-only, QWERTY candybar, and QWERTY slider. As for iOS, it is touchscreen-only, and saying no to Apple’s hardware means bye to iOS completely.

User Customisation

One of the most outstanding advantages of Android OS over iOS is how customisable it is. For starters, all android devices come with a customizable home screen. It provides information directly through widgets. This implies that you do not need to launch the app before you can have access to some of the information it provides.

Take for instance, I have a Facebook widget on my device, which I added to the Home Screen. With this, I don’t need to launch the app to get Facebook updates. All I need to do is to navigate back Home, and catch all my updates. This feature is lacking on iOS.

In addition, I can install one of scores of 3rd party launchers available for Android. Launchers let you change the layout of your Android home screen, transition effects, Home icon design, and more. You can change how your Android phone works just be changing the Home screen launcher.

Lastly, on the customisation of the Home Screen, Android OS supports themes. Themes even go deeper than launchers do, changing the look and feel of the entire phone. When it comes to customisation, iOS is left standing in the dust.

Android versus iOS
User customisation is one of the advantages of Android OS.


Another great in-built advantage of the Android platform over iOS has to do with notification display. Android gives you a notification bar at the top screen. This bar can be pulled down to gain access to more details. The iOS Notifications system is not as superb as this, because, it natively displays notifications through pop-ups. This eventually changed iOS 5 when Apple introduced a similar feature for iOS. This is one of the advantages of Android that iOS has managed to catch up with over time.


When it comes to carrying out multiple tasks on a smartphone, Android leaves iOS in the dust. On an Android smartphone, you can switch between apps and switch back to continue exactly where you left off. With the introduction of Split Screen, you can even have two apps open on your display and work on both at the same time.

On iOS, only one app loads at a time. When you leave it for another, the former gets shut down and is re-launched when you come back to it. iPhones and iPads are able to carry out some limited form of multitasking, but it is nowhere near what Android OS is capable of.

lineage os is a custom ROM
the availability of custom ROMS is one of the advantages of Android over iOS

Custom ROMs

You purchased an Android phone but do not like the operating system that the manufacturer uses? Install a custom ROM. Has your manufacturer has stopped providing software updates to your phone model? Install a custom ROM withe the update you want.

Perhaps your device’s manufacturer has not included a feature that you’d like to have. Install a custom ROM that has the feature.

Part of the advantages of Android over iOS is the availability of custom versions of the software for you to use. A custom ROM is an alternative version of the official software and is possible because at its core, Android is open source.

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  1. The notification bar and its pulldown feature is no longer unique to Android. All the major OS platforms have copied it including Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and iOS though some have implemented it slightly differently.

  2. The pull down notification bar in android is just great. Within the few days that I upgraded to the super fast SGSII, I can tell you the beast waits for instead of me waiting it to launch an app. Its as fast as speed of light.

  3. Though,never owned any of d two b4 but i still prefer ios to android. I sincerely like graphic transitions or animations that stimulate emotions. Every os is great but the polishing of its functionality is what makes it great dis days not what it can do anymore,if not, which os could dare compete with symbian? But it lack the thrilling transition which move emotions.

    We all see what MeeGo os is doing to n9 lately thanks to swype gesture .It made n9 not only easy to use but extremely attractive to many.So ios is my preference to android.I ve seen the ios5 draggable notification bar though not new but it is beutifully implemented.

  4. Well Android has got the UI and graphic thing also. Even better in some respect. I’ve played with iPhone 3GS and I can’t tell any way the iPhone UX is better than the experience I get from my Android 2.2 device.

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